PR: Women’s Small Business Crusader Steering Vulnerable Away From Scams

Written by Nicole Dean


Media Contact: Sharon McMillan (905) 472-5384

Women’s Small Business Crusader Steering the Vulnerable Away From Scams

Pensacola, FL—December 23, 2008—The Better Business Bureau reports that there is an increase in incidents of con artists preying on the vulnerabilities of people who are jobless or generally hurting from the effects of the current tough economy. Helping to steer the thousands of women who are part of the wave of new and hopeful Internet entrepreneurs away from these pitfalls is small business coach for the work at home mom sector, Nicole Dean, owner of

“The recession has hit home in a place where it is felt the most—family budgets. For years I’ve advocated for the opportunities available on the Internet for women—especially those with children who want or need to earn a living at home. I created as part of the solution to this growing problem,” explains Dean.

A recent survey by Allan and Gerritson (2008) revealed that at least one-third of moms identify finding new sources of income as their top priority in these challenging economic times. Nicole Dean’s responds to that need.

“Many people are succeeding at launching and managing businesses on the Internet. The guides offered on highlight those success stories and make them relevant and accessible to people searching for ways to replace their lost income or to support a family budget,” adds Dean.

One feature of a guide that sets this resource apart from other small business resources is the exclusive SweatStory™–a story detailing the experience of a successful business owner– that accompanies each Guide, along with other pertinent resources and training information.

Every guide also comes with exclusive online audios and videos that help to illustrate the steps and actions that are needed to make that business idea a reality.

There are many guides covering a variety of business ideas from writing for the Internet to virtual assistance to starting and managing a craft blog for profit.

Known as the “work at home mom’s coach,” Nicole Dean has been helping women and especially moms to achieve success online since 2004. To discuss a media story about please contact Sharon McMillan, Media Relations at (905) 472-5384 or


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