25 Days of Christmas: A Countdown of Tips to Help Keep Your Sanity

Written by Mary Lutz

Here you have it! Exactly 25 days to Christmas. How are you going to get everything done!?! How about a little help from a friend!? That’s right…me, from one WAHM to another! Here are 25 ways to help you be prepared for the big day. If you do these things to the best of your ability every day until Christmas, you will be a lot more prepared. Ready? Let’s get started!

Today-25 days until Christmas:

If you have not done it already, inventory your Christmas decorations. Do not, I repeat, do not go shopping for more until you have the ones you already own inventoried, organized and cleaned out! I promise it will save you a ton of money and headache down the road.

24 days until Christmas:

I did not go shopping on Black Friday. I prefer not to stress myself out! LOL. So, if you’re like me, and didn’t jump on the bandwagon, start your shopping now. I’m purchasing one or two items at a time, mostly on line from other WAHM sites if possible, or on clearance. There are tons of bargains and deals out there, on line; all you have to do is look.

23 more to go:

Get those Christmas cards out in the mail. Or, how about a Christmas letter; easier to create and less expensive.

22 days:

Start looking for sale items and coupons for your Holiday cooking and baking.

21 and counting:

Get your Christmas tree. A family in our church has a tree farm and their trees are only $25!

Only 20 shopping days left:

Get your mail out packages out in the mail by this day, if at all possible!

19 days until Christmas:

Some stores may have Christmas wrap on sale, so I’d stock up on what you need now.

18 and counting:

Are you travelling this year? Make certain your plans are secure; that the airlines didn’t cancel your flight or change the flight time.

17 days:

Make a backup plan if you are driving in case the weather is too bad.

16 more to go:

If you are planning a fancy spread for Christmas dinner, make sure all your Holiday dishes are cleaned and easily accessible. This way you still have time to replace any that may have gotten broken.

15 days until Christmas:

We’re two weeks out now, time to recheck your Christmas list. Make sure you got everyone who lives out of town taken care of. If you didn’t before, make sure you get those packages out, no later than this day!


Start the house cleaning process! Today I would scrub all the bathrooms from head to toe.


Finalize any Christmas decorating so you can enjoy the lights, candles and other sparkly things over the next week and ½.


Give your home a thorough vacuuming!


Start reading the Christmas Story from the Bible. Read one verse a day beginning in Matthew Chapter 1.

10 days until Christmas:

Dusting day. I hate it too, but once you do it, everything smells and looks so fresh and clean.


Finalize your dinner menu. Print off recipes for new and traditional dishes.


Get your Holiday meal shopping done! Usually about a week out, the stores put ham and turkey on sale. Now is the time to get all you need at the store so you don’t have to go back when it’s even crazier.


The week before Christmas: Is your gift shopping done? If not, I’d suggest getting out there and getting it done now. It’s only going to get worse! If you’re shopping on line, be sure to double check the shipping so you get it on time! Otherwise you end up paying too much for shipping.


Wrap, wrap, wrap! Don’t stress yourself out and wait till Christmas Eve. Trust me; I’ve done it toooo many times!

5 more days:

We’re getting closer! This is when I’d do a thorough once over in the house.


Finish everything up! If you waited this long to decorate or shop, you may as well get it all done today! Especially if you are travelling!


Probably travel day for most. Have a safe and happy trip!!! If not, and you did all the other steps above, then you can sit back and relax. Ok, ok. I know, if you’re like me, you will probably try to relax and see the cob web you missed in the corner over the dining room table. Or, you’ll remember that one person who wasn’t on your list, but you just feel led to get them something. Go ahead, today’s the day!

Christmas Eve:

Go to your local churches Christmas Eve program. Spend time with the other side of the family that you might not normally spend Christmas with.

Christmas DAY!!! Enjoy yourself! Merry Christmas!


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