25 Ways to a Healthier You!

Written by Mary Lutz


A New Year! A New You!

A New Year! A New You!

New Years is right around the corner so you know what that means, New Year’s Resolution time. Or I prefer New Year’s goal setting time! What is the number one goal most people set? I think it is losing weight. At least it is usually number one on my list. I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life and I am now at the heaviest I have ever been. I also have some recent health issues to be concerned with, so  not only is it time to lose weight, but it’s also time to become a healthier me!  Here are some things I am going to implement in my life and some suggestions I’ve read about or have done in the past to become healthier.


1.       Exercising: I usually don’t like the thought of exercising, but when I actually do it, I feel so good inside, mentally and physically. I’m going to begin exercising of some sort at least 15 minutes a day right when I get up.

2.       Eating more fruits and veggies: I believe any food that God made is good for us. That means healthy, all natural fruits and veggies, including beans and nuts.

3.       Drinking more water: Every diet I’ve ever been on expresses the importance of drinking lots of water. It’s great for filling you up and flushing your system of toxins. It also lubricates your joints and helps your organs function properly.

4.       Cutting down on proportion sizes: As American’s we have learned to eat huge amounts of food, packing on the pounds and clogging the arteries. I’ve heard or read that your stomach is the size of your fist. Look at your fist and eat only that amount of food each meal.

5.       Eating slower: Your body needs time to tell your brain it’s full, so by eating slower you will do just that. I’ve done it in the past, it really does work!

6.       Cutting down on the caffeine: I am a coffee-holic. I LOVE coffee! I do drink it black so I’m not taking in all that extra sugar and fat from cream. But, if I have too much of it, I get jittery and think I need to eat to stop the jitters. I’m going to start drinking half-caf (my own word…lol) or de-caf.

7.       Going organic: When I went to Nigeria, Africa on a mission trip last spring, I felt the best I’ve ever felt, minus the bout of the nasty d-word from the malaria medicine we took. But, my joints didn’t ache, I felt energetic and alert, not foggy brained. I chalk it up to the fact that all the food there is pure and natural, no chemicals or preservatives. I tried going organic once I got back to the States, and succeeded for a bit, but it is more expensive to buy organic. If your family can afford it, go for it! I’m going to try to get as much as possible when it’s on sale.

8.       Eating a high protein diet: My doctor always recommends I do a high protein, low fat diet; lots of low fat meats, cheeses, eggs, salads and so on. My hubby and I make yummy grilled chicken salads and grilled steak salads!

9.       Eating like skinny people: Have you ever paid attention so someone who is healthily thin? Try mimicking what they eat and how much.

10.   Eating on a smaller plate: When you use a large plate you think you have to fill it up. Use a small dessert size plate instead. You’ll fool your brain into thinking you’re eating more and get that satisfied feeling quicker.

11.   Stop eating ice cream every night for dessert: For some reason my family thinks we have to have dessert every night. We don’t, we just want to. I have started resisting the ice cream since I started thinking about my health and wanting to lose weight. And now it doesn’t even sound good most of the time!

12.   On that note, allow yourself a small serving of ice cream or dessert every once in a while. You don’t need a huge, heaping bowl of ice cream to satisfy the craving. One small scoop will do the trick.

13.   Drinking water while you eat: This helps your body digest food easier and it helps to fill you up.

14.   Eating food that tastes great: Eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. Use natural seasonings to spice up your food. If you like it spicy, add some jalapenos or chilies for extra flavor.

15.   Get off the scale: Don’t be addicted to stepping on the scale every day. Let your clothes tell you you’ve lost weight. Weigh yourself once a month or at the most once a week. You’ll see bigger losses and you’ll feel a sense of victory. If you weigh yourself every day, you won’t see those losses and you may even see a gain of a pound or two, especially during that time of the month.

16.   Setting reasonable weight loss goals: Be realistic in how much you can lose in a week or a month. If you have a lot to lose you can expect some big losses in the beginning, but then it will taper off and you’ll see normal weight losses of a pound or two a week.

17.   Quitting smoking: I don’t smoke, but if I did I would try to stop to become healthier. Actually I did smoke when I was younger, and I am glad I quit. Having children helped me quit. Think of something worthwhile that you’d give up smoking for, get the help and advice you need to help you and don’t quit quitting.

18.   Flossing your teeth: You know how many times I’ve heard that bacteria in your mouth can cause not only gum disease, but other disease as well! Floss those teeth every day, along with brushing for a healthier smile and a healthier body.

19.   Getting a deep tissue massage: This loosens toxins in your muscles and feels oh so good! Be sure to drink lots of water after wards to flush the toxins that were released.

20.   Taking proper vitamins: Our bodies need certain vitamins that we should naturally get from the food we eat and from sunshine. Ask your doctor what, if any, vitamins you should be taking to insure a healthy immune system.

21.   Taking pro-biotics: Pro-biotics help boost your immune system by giving your digestive system the bacteria it needs to work properly. I’ve recently read that a lot of disease can be cured or managed better by a properly working digestive system.

22.   Eating a healthy breakfast everyday: Start your day right! Eating a healthy breakfast gets your metabolism going, gives you energy throughout the day and helps your brain function more clearly.

23.   Reducing your stress level: Stress causes so many health issues like heart attack and stroke. Figure out what stresses you out, and figure out a way to stop it or at least reduce it.

24.   Seeing your doctor regularly: Go get those annual checkups we love so much, but they really do help to keep you healthy by detecting any issues early on. I discovered I had dangerously low good cholesterol and low thyroid by having my blood checked by my doctor.

25.   Giving your cares and worries over to God: I am a Christian, and I cannot stress how important it is to have a relationship with God. He is our Creator and Father and knows us like no other person, thing or doctor ever could. When you are sick, go to him for healing. He will help you, heal you and comfort you. Lean on him to help you stick to your goals, get you through the rough times and carry you through the fires and valleys of life.

These are some of the things I will be doing to achieve a healthier me. Won’t you join me? I could use an accountability partner or two to help get through the rough times! If you have set some “healthier you” goals and would like to join me in the adventure, leave a comment here or email me! I would love to meet some other people who want to be healthier!

Here’s to a new year and a new YOU!


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