7 Ways to Organize Your Home On the Cheap

Written by Tracy Roberts

Most people today are doing their best to watch and manage their money better. That also is true when it comes to organizing our homes. Yes – we could spend money purchasing bins to organize things in, or baskets and organizer solutions, but honestly who has money to do that these days? Here are 7 ways to organize your home on the cheap. By following these tips, you will not only get your home in order, but you can be proud that you accomplished it without having to break the bank.

Organizing Closets

One of the best ways that you can organize your home inexpensively is by organizing your closets. Remove clothing that you are not going to wear, throw torn and ripped clothing away, and de-junk by getting rid of clutter.

Get Online Advice

There are many free websites out there that offer help in organizing so don’t be afraid to approach them and ask how they would organize your home. Send them photos, and share your thoughts and opinions and mesh that with their suggestions.

Have a Garage Sale

One of the best ways that you can organize your home and do it inexpensively is by having a garage sale and getting rid of your clutter. Not only are you organizing your home, but you are making a profit in the long run!

Give to a Needy Cause

Take advantage of charities that will come to your home and remove any unwanted items you have. Not only are you getting free removal service, but you are giving to a good cause and organizing all at the same time.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Once you get everything organized and put into place, it will be easier to clean. Instead of purchasing store-bought cleaners, use the items you have at home to make environmentally friendly cleaners.

Make it a Party

Let your friends know you want to organize your home. Invite them over for a cleaning party. Make a nice lunch and not only will your home be organized, but you get to have a fun lunch and great fellowship with friends in the process.

Stay on Top of Organizing

Throw items away and put things back where they belong on a continuous basis to help you maximize surface areas, storage bins and closets for occasions when you genuinely need room to store your materials.

By following these few organizing tips, you will be well on your way to organizing your home again and doing it without spending a dime!


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