Party Plan Business Year End Plan

Written by Deb Bixler

These 3 “how-to” tips that will give you an awesome end to the year and the ability to kick off the next with a solid January!!

  1. Schedule January First: Mark your dates on the calendar. When is your January phone time, opportunity meetings, follow up, personal selling or show dates, etc. Create your January schedule before December so you have a plan.
  2. Compress December Into 2 Weeks: Keep your end of the year sales what they should be every month by doing as much business in the first 2 weeks of December as you usually do in an entire month.
  3. Practice Project Management Over The Holidays: You will enjoy the holidays more when you can manage your events both business and personal.

Year End Plan

How To Manage Business Year End Plan

You can can enjoy a guilt-free holiday season by managing your business and personal events.

  • Make a HUGE list of all of the pressing things that happen in December
  • Congratulate yourself for creating the list
  • Put deadlines on those pressing events
  • Prioritize the list and pick 6 that need to be done the next day
  • Re-look at the to-do list
  • Recognize that it is tooooooo much work for you to do alone and you need help
  • Delegate what can be delegated and “table” (be willing to not do) what is not that important
  • Prioritize again keeping in mind what will give you long term results
  • Don’t put off important tasks, even if they are not urgent (sponsoring, hostess coaching January)
  • Enjoy each activity. It is the journey that counts.

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You can finish your year strong and set yourself up for your personal best in 2017 when you decide to do so!


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