Child of Mine

Written by Paula Schmitt

photo credit: Foxtongue

By Paula Schmitt, The All Sports Mom

I gaze out the back kitchen window to see you sitting peacefully under a maple tree, while the leaves are gently floating to the ground. A robin has perched on a limb and captured your thoughts. I watch as you smile and reach towards the sky.

I peek out the back door and call to you. You turn to me and our eyes meet.

I notice your black, satiny hair, and how it glistens in the sun. Arms up and open, you glide as light as a feather into my welcoming arms.

I stand and turn to go into our home with you beside me. You hold out your tiny hand and I take it into mine. I remember the day when we first met, not that long ago. I had waited many months for that special day. To see your face, hear you laugh, and to hold you in my arms.

You will not remember your journey home as you were very young at the time. It was a very memorable day for me and will not be forgotten.

As we are walking together you look up and ask, “Mama, does that birdie have a mama?”

We stop and I kneel down next to you and answer, “Yes sweetheart. I’m
certain that birdie does have a mama and I would bet that its mama is very close by.”

“I hungry, mama. Do you think the birdie is hungry?” she asks, squinting in the afternoon sun.

“I am quite sure that the birdie’s mama will feed its baby birdie. Just the way I feed you when you are hungry. Now, how about some lunch for my hungry little girl.”

As we are eating our lunch I know that your inquisitive mind is at work when you ask, “Mama, why did you choose me to be your little girl?”

I am speechless at first. I rub my hand over your smooth hair and reply, “Angel, I prayed for you to find me and I asked God everyday to help you and here you are. Mama has been truly blessed.”

“Will the other kids find a mama soon?”

Her concern for the other children tells me just how compassionate my thoughtful little daughter is and I am a very proud mama at this moment.

“Sweetie, you are very kind to think about all the other children. I pray, in my heart, that they too, will find a mama and a loving home.”

I watch as she continues to take a bite of her sandwich as she swings her legs, rhythmically, back and forth under the table oblivious to my infatuation.

This child of mine so gentle and innocent. I only wish for good things in your life and that as you grow you may experience the beauty that surrounds you day by day.

Just like the robin perched in the maple tree.


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