Clothes Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Kids Fun with Clothes Crafts

Clothing Collage

Glue Sticks

This project can be done two ways. One way is you the adult can scan magazines and cut out all different types of clothes, being sure to leave off the heads of the pictures. Or you can give your child a pair of scissors and ask them to find clothing that they like to wear and cut them out.
Once you have all the pictures you would like make a collage of them. You can put them in any order you like. They can be random or they can be by type of clothing.

Shoe Prints

Multiple Types of Shoes
Paint of any color
Optional Baby Wipes

Lay out newspaper on your floor or table to protect it from paint. Then you can either place your shoe into a plate of paint or you can brush the paint onto the shoe. Once your shoe has paint on it, use it to make print marks on your paper.
Tip: Baby wipes are great for clean up.

Hat Design

Construction Paper

Using a large sheet of construction paper cut out a stocking cap type shape. Encourage your child to decorate this hat with all the items you have laid out on the table. Scraps of paper, stickers, markers, crayons, encourage them to use their imaginations.

Suit Case

Construction Paper
Items to decorate it….
Crayons etc….

Using a 9 inch by 12 inch piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Take another piece of colored construction paper and cut out a circle about 6 or 7 inches in diameter. Cut the circle in half and then cut a handle for your suitcase by cutting along the edge of the circle about 1 inch in. Connect the handle and decorate your suit case.

Recommended Books to read

The Hundred Dresses
Written by: Eleanor Estes
Wanda wore the same faded blue dress to school every day. It was always clean but sometimes it looked as though it had been washed and never ironed. Peggy started the game of the dresses when suddenly one day Wanda said, ‘ I have a hundred dresses at home–all lined up in my closet.’ After that it was fun to stop Wanda on the way to school and ask, ‘How many dresses did you say you have?’ ‘ A hundred, ‘ she would answer.

Froggy Gets Dressed
Written by: Jonathon London
Froggy is a sure hit for any story-time! Children love to join in the reading and break out into giggles at Froggy’s antics. In this Froggy story, Froggy is getting dressed to go out and play in the snow. What do you think he forgets? A great read-a-loud!

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? (Jesse Bear)
Written by: Nancy Carlstrom
Another wonderful Jesse Bear story! This one is about getting dressed and is a sure story-time favorite with younger children


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