Direct Sales Recruiting Training

Written by Deb Bixler

Training Tips for Recruiting Party Plan Sales Consultants

If you are in a home party plan recruitingparty plan sales business you are probably aware of the process involved in recruiting others to help you sell the products.

This business is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work and should be run like any company.

Direct Selling Tip

The first tip where direct sales recruiting is concerned is to not focus on one prospect so much that you miss the other nine who might also be great at the business. Be sure to weigh everyone carefully. Focus on those who show an interest, but also pay attention to others who may wish to gain more information before signing on.

Keep in mind that different people have unique qualities. One person may possess certain selling techniques that really work, while another person will try other methods. Both can be successful, but they will have different ways of conducting business. As long as it is working for each of them, don’t try to change it. If it is not working, help them figure out what needs to be altered.

Teach your consultants that it is okay to talk about recruiting to everyone, but that not all of them will be recruited. Men and women who are outgoing, ambitious, fun-loving and creative are easier to recruit and are more likely to pursue your sales business.

Teach your consultants to always recruit with the benefits of the opportunity in mind. You want your team to be successful, and to have a successful team you must first have successful team members who focus on helping others by providing valuable benefits.

Never wait to be approached. When recruiting you will need to take the lead and approach others, because it is highly unlikely they will simply ask you about the business, especially if they are not aware of your involvement. Be prepared to inform them about what you do and how it can benefit them.

Direct Sales Training

Training your direct sales team on the tips and techniques for recruiting at every meeting will grow a caring and sharing team. Set the example and share your opportunity with others so that they share with their friends as well. 

The more you spread the word, the more they will as well.  As a direct sales team leader, when you recruit so will your consultants. 

Enroll your team in the Direct Sales Recruiting University and create a caring and sharing team culture.


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