Direct Selling Home Office Deductions

Written by Deb Bixler

Take The Home Office Deductions When Working From Home

Working from home can be great fun. Though there are frustrating aspects of being self-employed, it is worth it in the end. You will feel great every time you look at what you’ve accomplished and remind yourself that you did it.  Make sure that you are taking advantage of the direct selling home office deductions as they are there for you when you are working from home.

The truth is that there are advantages of working from home from a tax point of view, advantages that will make you reconsider the frustrations you sometimes feel, and will make them more acceptable.

One of the main advantages from a tax point of view is the ability you will have to write many items off. If you have designated one room in your house as the office, you will be able to write off the space and any utilities you pay as a result of conducting business there. You can also write off the items you have purchased for your business such as a new computer, printer and other hardware. Other items include: a desk, a chair, office supplies and anything else that goes directly toward your business.

Direct Sales – Home Office Deduction

The home office deduction is definitely one of the perks of being self-employed and working from home. Your direct sales business is creating income and so is the income tax reduction you take when you take advantage of the home office deduction. Your direct selling income tax deductions are legitimate work at home deductions that the IRS put there for you!

direct sales tax deductionsWhile you will be responsible for paying your own taxes, you will have more control over them. You can determine what space in your home will be designated strictly for work and as long as it’s used for work and work alone, it will be considered business space. You will also be able to keep track of what you owe because it will all be right there at hand in one spot at home. This is another perk of being self-employed from home; everything stays right there with you. This means you don’t have to go searching for item receipts when tax time rolls around. Using a simple system of filing your receipts keeps life simple and generates income for you at tax time by reducing your income tax liability.

There are many advantages to becoming self-employed. Tax time doesn’t have to be scary nor does it need to be intimidating. Just keep all relevant information close at hand and learn what you can and can’t write off. This will save you money in the long run while helping your business to further succeed. Learn more about direct selling income tax deductions for home based business owners and save more money on your taxes!


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