Don’t Let the Day Get Away From You – Go Catch It!

Written by Jan Ferrante


Ever wake up like that?

And then stumble to the computer, with intentions to jump right into your first task for the day?

Sort of.

Maybe check email first. Hey, there’s a facebook comment, better reply. And check twitter too, after all, you’re not feeling very focused yet. You’ll work into it.

Time is a wasting. Just a few more minutes…you’ve already eaten up 45 minutes anyway, the morning is shot.



Although it sounds fun!

If you started your day this way, stop it now. Especially if it’s 4:00 in the afternoon.


There are a few ways you can do this.

Of course you can shut down what ever is distracting you and get to your first priority task of the day.

The hardest part is closing that window. After that it’s a lot easier.

Or you can use your wasted time to do something a little different.

Were you browsing a blog or favourite social site?

What was your favourite post or conversation?

What can you add to it?


Think of something brilliant and helpful, leave a comment and then go straight to your blog or website and expand your comment into an article or blog post.

This is a fantastic way to create content, an excellent way to reclaim some of your time and a great way to offer something of interest that may even be helpful.

It’s especially nice if your first task of the day is to create content.

I hope that the hour I spent browsing around this morning trying to pry my eyeballs open has been of some help to you. So what are you writing?


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