Earn Extra Money With Yard Sales

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Yard sales are one of the easiest ways to earn some extra money for people of any age. Everyone throws away a lot of items every month that could be saved and sold for a profit. In order to start making money with yard sales, you’ll need to go through all the items you don’t want anymore such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, games, videos, CDs, skin care products and anything else you have on hand. When it comes to this type of business, just about anything can be sold!

Get everything ready to sell. Wash and dry your clothes. Be sure skin care products aren’t expired and are at least half full. Wipe everything off. Spray shoes with an anti-fungal spray and wipe down with alcohol to get rid of any bacteria. Don’t put shoes out for sale that have holes in them or are damaged in other ways.

Get some boxes and categorize your items; for instance, for shirts, fold them and place them all in one box. Mark the boxes, so you’ll know what’s in there when you get ready to hold your sale.

Find a long table where you’ll be placing your items on for display. You don’t want to put your items on the ground. If no tables are available, keep the items in the boxes and put the boxes on chairs. When people look at the items, be sure to put them back in the box. This will require “cleaning up after” your customers a bit.

Once you have everything in boxes and marked, get some poster board and make some signs. Place the flyers on the street poles and in stores around your home. (Always ask the storeowner beforehand.) Make sure that you include your home address and the date and time of the yard sale. Also, include a date and a snow or rain date if you want.

Get up early and price each box with how much you want to sell things for. People are looking for a bargain at yard sales, so, don’t charge high prices, even if the items are name brand. You’re not trying to get rich or even to get the money back you paid for the items. The goal is to earn some money.

Place items outside on your table or on chairs in boxes. Get help from family and friends if you can. Be courteous to everyone who stops bay. Smile and ask if they need help with something. It’s always good to chat with customers.

Keep a moneybag around your waist or a cash box, ideally with a lock. Have a friend or family member that you trust watch it when you can’t. It’s really best for one person watch the money box and someone else watch the items. People do steal things, even at yard sales.

Don’t hold items longer than 10-15 minutes for someone who says they’ll be back later. Don’t even do that if you’re uncomfortable with it. And don’t feel obligated to reduce prices for neighbors or friends who know you. Stick to the prices you’ve set unless you feel you can take less.

Once the sale is over, carry all the items that didn’t sell back inside. If you have enough items, you can hold another sale the next weekend, or in a few weeks.

Yard sales require some work, but they’re fun and can earn money quicker than a lot of other ventures. If you decide it’s something you enjoy, you can start asking friends and family for donations you could sell and really make a good business out of this.


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