Facebook Paid Promotions Help Direct Sales Business

Written by Deb Bixler

facebook promotionsFacebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your direct sales business if you learn how to use it properly.

Direct Sales Consultants

Many direct sales consultants avoid Facebook because they think that it is only for large companies looking to reach a national or international audience. If you have a ordering website, then you are also trying to reach that large audience. But you can also use Facebook to find people right in your own backyard to attend your events.

Before you invest in advertising on Facebook, you need to convince yourself that you can find people in your area that would be interested in your business. Click on your Facebook profile and then click on your list of friends. You will see an option that allows you to sort your friends by city. When you place Facebook ads, you will be able to target those ads to everyone in your city, or any city you choose. That is the power of Facebook. There are also several other things Facebook can do for your event that would make it worth paying for.

Raise The Profile

Make sure that your profile and fan page are up to par. A business consultant on Facebook needs to look and act  like a business person.

When people who have never heard of your business see a professional looking promotional ad for your upcoming event on Facebook, that helps to instantly improve your company’s status in the minds of those prospects. Your event becomes a professional gathering that appears to have the backing of Facebook.

For your clients, it will add a level of interest in your next event when they see it in a Facebook ad. Only you need to know how easy and relatively inexpensive the ad was.

Facebook Ads = Interest = Direct Sales Business

Even if your promotional Facebook ad did not increase attendance to your most recent event, it will bring interest to your direct sales business. You will see the “likes” on your business Facebook page going up and you will see traffic to your website increase. At that point, you may want to do ongoing Facebook promotions as well as event advertising.

The great thing about Facebook promotions is they allow you to point people at your website.

You can have a Facebook widget that gives you a store on your Facebook page, and you can do weekly promotions that bring in more interest for your Facebook presence. The more that people see your company advertising on Facebook, the more it will elevate your business from a local direct sales company to an international sales organization.

Direct Sales Marketing

When your direct sales marketing program includes all forms of promotions both online and offline you will have a successful business.

There really is unlimited business for direct sales consultants, you just need to be willing to go get it! Learn more systems that are guaranteed to fill your calendar! Check out the many virtual direct sales books at Deb’s website.


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