Four Seasons Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Four Seasons Crafts for Kids


Tulip Hands
Pink or Purple Paint
Green Paint
White or Light Blue Paper
Paint Brush

Paint the child’s hand with the pink or purple paint. Paint their arm with the green paint. Holding the fingers closed have the child lay there hand and arm on the paper to create a Tulip.


Sunny Hands
Yellow Paint
Paint Brush

Paint just your child’s palm yellow and make a print in the middle of your paper. Next paint your child’s whole hand and make prints going all the way around the single palm print. This will look like a beautiful sun.


Apple Tree Hands
Green Paint
Red Paint
Brown Paint
Paint Brushes

Paint your child’s hand and arm brown. With the fingers spread open print this onto your paper. Next give your child green paint to dip there fingers into to make finger print leaves all around the tree branches. When they are done have them do the same thing with the red to make apples finger prints.


Evergreen Hand
Green Paint
Paint Brush

Paint your child’s hand with the green paint. With the palm side up at the top of the paper, print four hand prints next to each other. Print three on top of those four, print, two on top of those, and one on top. This will give you an Evergreen Tree affect.

Recommended Four Seasons Books to read

A good book!
Turning of the Year (Bill Martin Instant Reader)
Written by: Bill Martin Jr.
Experience the changing of the seasons in this dreamy picture book.

To Every Thing There Is a Season: Verses from Ecclesiastes
Written by: Leo and Diane Dillon
The memorable passage from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible is beautifully illustrated using a variety of different art styles from around the world in this picture book

Four Stories for Four Seasons
Written by: Tomie DePaola
Journey through the year with four fast friends! Enjoy four different stories set in the four different seasons.


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