How To Develop Customer Loyalty For Your Direct Sales Business

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In any business, large or small, customer loyalty can mean the difference between a profitable business or no business at all. Attracting customers is important, but it’s as equally important to keep the customers you have.

Sadly, many direct sales consultants fail because they make the mistake of overlooking customer loyalty and the vital role it plays in their business success. Wise direct sellers know that one of the keys to a successful business lies in creating a loyal customer base that buys your products time and time again.

Creating a customer loyalty is easy to achieve, though it does take some effort. Providing quality customer service, a great product, and knowledgeable assistance will ensure your customers return again and again.

Successful direct sales consultants know to listen to the needs of their customers, then meet those needs honestly and efficiently. Even if you have a great product, failing to respect your customers needs can cause you to lose them.

Communicate with your customers. When your customer has a question, respond within 24 business hours, if at all possible, and always in a professional manner. Offer customers a way to reach you via telephone, email, or even by fax. If you have sales and specials, offer a way for your customers to receive updates (ideally by email) so they can keep up with news regarding your products.

Customers continue to buy when a product fills a need they have. Ask yourself if you’re reaching out to your customers and addressing their needs. Do you know what their needs are? Are you working to meet them? If not, what do you need to change to meet the needs your customers have? If you’re unsure, ask your customers. After all, who knows better than they do what they need. Evaluate the areas that can be improved upon, then improve them.

Fix a problem. If you’ve been contacted by a customer about a problem, fix it. It’s that simple. Listen to and try to understand the customer’s complaint. Immediately thank the customer for bringing the problem to your attention and give her a reasonable solution to resolve the problem. One of the worst things a business owner can do is to fail to properly address complaints. Use customer issues as opportunities to build better customer relations.

Drive your customer loyalty up through reliability. It’s a simple idea but it’s sometimes forgotten. As a direct sales consultant, it’s important to strive for reliability in all areas of your business. If you tell your customer your product will be there on Tuesday, do your level best to ensure it is.

If you disappoint your customers too often, it becomes apparent that you’re not reliable, and they will quickly move on to another consultant they can trust. Hold yourself accountable to high standards for the sake of your business.

Create a customer loyalty program that provides benefits for your customer’s patronage. Periodically offer customer incentives such as free shipping or exclusive discounts for their loyalty. Another good idea for rewarding a customer is to remember her birthday. Send a simple card and a special discount or small gift.

Customers are loyal to those who listen to and address their needs. If you have strong customer service skills and are knowledgeable about your products, you have the key ingredients to building a strong customer base that will help you create a successful direct sales business.

Honesty, integrity, and trust are key factors that will help you develop a strong, loyal customer base. If your customers trust you as their number one source for a product, they’ll help you build your business by telling others how great you are.

Keep in touch with your customers so you can stay in the front of their minds. Build a great relationship with them so they will think of you first when they need the product you offer and you’re well on your way to developing a loyal customer base that will shop with you over and over.


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