Increasing Your Sales

Written by Chris Carroll

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This is an area that we all want and need to work on. Some of us are in businesses that are very cyclical; high sales at certain times of the year. Some of us have consistent sales, but it you want to change it. How do you increase your sales?

One of the first things is KNOW YOUR CATALOG! This is YOUR STORE! It is the only thing that your customers can see. We don’t usually have ALL of the items that are available for purchase. We don’t have the money for that type of inventory, so how is the customer going to know you have it, or know that it is good quality, or maybe not so good quality and you recommend a different piece or item? You are the only one between you and the customer’s money! You need to make them want to spend it with YOU! HOW?

The first thing to look at is if you are an order taker or an order maker. An order taker just says, “Ok, so you would like 2 eyeliners. Thanks for your order. I will call you next week.” An order maker will say, “Ok, so I have 2 eyeliners for you. Did you see that we also have mascara on sale this month as well. Did you know that mascara only lasts for about 3 months and you should change it often? Can I add one or two on for you?” This is linking one product that is similar to another.

Bridge selling is taking someone with an order for one item and hooking it up with another item that could go well with it. Your customer is ordering a foundation; you can bridge them into a blush or a powder. If you don’t sell makeup, but sell home decor, then it would be similar if they are buying a floral piece and you recommend a pretty picture that picks up the colors of the floral arrangement. You are enticing them, teasing them, if you will. You want them to have to have it. Offer a small discount if they buy both items. Your profit will go up since their purchase price has just gone up. This can also be accomplished with Group selling. Grouping three or more items together that work together and selling them at one price, with a discount of course. You just tripled your sales to one person. Don’t be afraid to try something new! You cannot read peoples minds so you don’t know how much they are willing to spend.

Another thing to look at is how much time do you spend in training? Do you go through company training and then that is it? “Hey, I read my manual. I know all there is to know about my company and business. Heck, I’ve been in sales forever! “Or do you read and research as much as you can about your business. Listen to speakers, read business books, get others opinions, share with others. By expanding your knowledge, you will be able to come up with different ideas about promoting your business. You will find out what works for others. You will learn that improving your self also improves your confidence and that reflects positively to your customers. Your customers will buy more if they think you REALLY do know everything there is to know about your business and they will feel confident that you are a professional and not just doing this business to make a fast buck and then never hear from you again. Most sales are made by relationships, not by the fact that they want your stuff. By investing in you, you are investing in your future with your business.

One last thing you can do to increase your sales, is focus on your companies top items. What are the most popular things that move? A lot of companies list these out for you. Ask them. Why? Because these are the top sellers, the things that everyone wants. If you do parties, then make sure you are focusing on the top sellers AND the higher price items. Make them WANT IT! Get personal. Talk about the one you have just like it; how you can live without it; how it was the reason that you joined this company. “I just fell in LOVE with my Bean Pot. OMG! It is so awesome and the food is so wonderful in it!!!” AND SO ON….. Get them hooked on it and then move them into the rest of the items that go with it. Link them! And then watch your sales and profits soar!


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