Joining A Direct Sales Company Just To Get A Discount

Written by Nicole Dean

You’ve just hosted a show for your best friend who just joined your favorite direct sales company. You love the product, but are just too busy to make a career out of direct sales but, you love the product and realize if your friend were to even agree to selling you products at cost she wouldn’t make any money. You will probably buy tons of the product because you love it so much but that could get expensive. So, what do you do?

Join the company just for the discount. Yes, you can do that! Although not highly publicized, often direct sales companies will offer a “personal use” program to gain new recruits. Since it’s your business you can sell as little or as much as you want and the companies hope that one day you will actually begin working the business – and who knows someday you may have the need to start earning some extra money.

Each company has different offerings. Some offer a lower discount amount to people that only want a personal discount. Another way direct sales companies might deal with this is by giving higher discount prices to higher producing consultants. Be sure to get all the details from your recruiter though before signing the dotted line.

Benefits of signing up as a “personal use” consultant are:

  • The obvious; discounts on the product.
  • Helping others. Your friend will probably get credit for recruiting you, so you are helping their business grow.
  • Being able to order products as you need them without having to host a show or waiting for your consultant to put in their next order.
  • Trying new products. Often a direct sales company will allow you to buy products and try them first. If you don’t like them you can return them, hassle free. You possibly may be able to buy sample sizes as well to try before you buy the actual product.
  • Time under your belt. Say you become a personal use consultant first then decide you want to be a regular consultant. Most companies will allow you to count the time you’ve been a personal use consultant toward your time in the company. Often you get rewarded for years of service.
  • Product knowledge. You’ve been using the product for so long and have tried just about everything they have, so you probably know more than someone just starting out in the business. You can use that knowledge to help someone out, or start building your business up by becoming a regular sales consultant.
  • Firsthand knowledge of new products coming out. Because you are a consultant, you will be notified when new product is on the market, or before it hits the market so you can plan your budget to purchase!

As you can see, being a personal use consultant definitely has benefits. Just be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. Some companies may require you purchase a certain amount each month to be qualified or that you pay a higher sign up fee than if you were going to be a sales consultant.

Being a personal consultant can save you money on the products you love and help a friend out. So give it some thought and read the fine print before you say no. You may find that being a personal consultant is just what you were looking for.


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