Master Bedroom Not An Oasis? Let’s Take 10 Steps Right Now To Change That!

Written by Neat Freak

There are several reasons why our master bedrooms have become cluttered, unattractive, and not an oasis in the least.  Oftentimes, we find ourselves using our master bedroom as a catch-all or dumping-ground for things we don’t have a spot for elsewhere in the house.  Because the master bedroom is often not as visible as other rooms, we allow the clutter to build since it won’t be seen by anyone but us.  How sad.

We also may not spend much time decluttering our master bedroom because we only walk in there when it’s time to go to bed, and then it’s too late to clean and organize.  It’s time to go to sleep.  We’ve come to the end of another day and don’t have the energy to start a project like cleaning our bedroom.  So it goes, day after day, night after night.  Every night we walk into our bedroom and think, oh yes, I meant to straighten this out today, but now it’s too late.  I’m tired and I’m going to sleep.  We maneuver around the heaps of junk, climb into bed, and get frustrated at the thought of all this clutter, when we should be relaxing.  The stress is building in the very place we are supposed to be feeling peace.  Does it make sense to let this continue night after night?

The entire house gets our attention, cleaning and organizing, but our own bedroom, which is  supposed to be our haven, gets ignored.  Why isn’t our bedroom as important as our children’s bedrooms?  We, too, should have a clean, comfortable place to rest.  If the master bedroom is decluttered and cleaned up, wouldn’t it be easier to relax?

1. Remove what doesn’t belong. In order to declutter your master bedroom and give it a new restful feeling, you’ll need to start by removing all the items that don’t belong there.  Consider your bedroom your get-away.  That means no ironing, none of your kid’s toys, no workout equipment, no piles of bills, and nothing that doesn’t make you feel calm and peaceful.  Everything out and given a home outside your personal retreat.

2. Dresser top. Start with the tops of your dressers.  Remove anything that is creating a cluttered look.  If there are things that you use all the time, find attractive covered boxes or baskets to store those items, while still keeping them handy.  There are many nice decorative storage possibilities.  One of my favorites is a stack of two or three matching baskets or boxes.  It gives a place to store lots of goodies plus adds a bit of interest with the height of the arrangement.  With some artful placement of decorative storage boxes you can arrange framed pictures in ways that is pleasing to the eye, rather than just lining them up at the same level.

3. Dresser drawer organizers. Look for dresser drawer dividers to help corral some of those little items that would otherwise get buried underneath other things.  Not only is it nice to be able to find what you want when you need it, but it will encourage you to put those items away when they have their own little cubby in your dresser drawer.  There are many styles available to fit every need, or you can design your own out of re-purposed items like large caps from hairspray, small gift boxes, or any other creative method.

4. Closet organizers. You will most likely keep from re-cluttering your master bedroom by organizing your closets.  The best way to create a tidy bedroom and closet is to decide what you want to store in your closet and build or arrange the closet to do exactly that task.  You can start simply by adding another bar at half the height as the top bar.  This lower bar is perfect for hanging shirts or folded pants and will greatly increase your storage space.  Or, there are many nicer shelving systems that incorporate hanging clothes, shelves, boxes, and drawers.  There are a great number of closet storage systems in all price ranges that can be adapted for just about any closet space.  Don’t forget about the shoe rack.  There are many that fit right in with the closet systems, or you can find one that simply hangs on the back of the closet door.

5. Under bed storage. If your dressers and closets don’t hold all your things, check out the under-the-bed storage systems.  The boxes come in many sizes and materials, including plastic, cardboard and wood.  The wood and plastic ones often come with wheels for easy access.  Some have lids that are hinged in the middle so you can pull them out from under the bed part-way and access the items inside.  The great thing about the boxes is you can store anything from books to out-of-season clothing in them.

6. Vacuum storage bags. A more recent introduction to storage options is the vacuum storage bag.  These are great for storing extra clothing and bedding.  You load up the bag, grab your vacuum, and follow the instructions to suck the air out of the bag until it collapses completely.  Now, that big puffy quilt you only use three months out of the year takes up no more space than a bath towel.  You can slide these bags under the bed, or store up on your closet shelves. Look for bags that are moisture and bug resistant and you can now store those rarely used items in your basement or garage, too.

7. Dust and vacuum. Now that you’ve gotten your master bedroom organized, give it a thorough cleaning.  Vacuum, dust, do whatever you need in order to get your new retreat tidy and clean. If you haven’t flipped your mattress in some time, do it now.  You may want to vacuum your mattress, also.  Do a good job getting your new bedroom ready, because, once that’s done, you’ll need to get your bedding in order.

8. Wash all the bedding. There is something wonderful about new, fresh bedding.  If you cannot afford or are not ready for new bedding, just take all your bedding, including the mattress pad and dust ruffle, off your bed because it’s time to wash it all.  Use a good detergent, rinse everything twice, and use a splash of white vinegar in the final rinse water for super freshness.  If you have a clothesline, hang what you can to dry.  If you must rely on your dryer, use a dryer sheet or rinse agent that adds a bit of fresh scent.  Go sparingly though.  Those products usually pack a wallop, so you can always use about half of what they recommend.  Really give your un-washable quilts or blankets a good shaking, preferably outside.  Hang them out somewhere in the fresh air and sunshine if you can.  If you are not able to do that, see if you can fit your quilt in your dryer and just give it a spin on a warm setting with a freshly scented dryer sheet.  The heat and air of the dryer will freshen your quilt.

9. Buy nice new bedding. If you can afford a new set of bedding, it’s time to go shopping!  You’ve done a good thing for yourself here.  You work hard and deserve to sleep in pretty, soft sheets and blankets.  Take an inventory of what you have and decide what you can replace.  Now’s the time to buy as this economy has it’s upside for shoppers.  A little bit of money will go a long way at most bedding outlet stores.  Don’t forget to search online, as well.  There are many online stores that are offering free shipping and great discounts on bedding sets.  Set your budget and go shopping.  Buy the very best you can afford to get the most luxury.  You need to remember how hard you work for everyone else.  Time for your reward!

10. Maintain your oasis. Now you have your beautiful, clean, and clutter-free oasis to escape to at the end of your busy day.  In order to keep it as lovely tomorrow as it is today, just follow a few decluttering tips.  Pick up your clothes every day, make your bed every day, and don’t allow anyone, including yourself, to start using your wonderful retreat as a dump!

When you find yourself looking for more fabulous de-cluttering ideas for the rest of your home, or even your life, check back with us right here.  We love to share our successful, and even our not-so-successful attempts at organizing our homes.  We all learn from these stories and hope you’ll join us again here at


2 Responses to “Master Bedroom Not An Oasis? Let’s Take 10 Steps Right Now To Change That!”

  1. Cheap Home Decor Ryan says:
    June 28th, 2009 10:12 pm

    I think clutter is always the biggest issue. My wife and I have a rule that if we don’t touch something for 6 months, it goes in a box. After a year, it goes in the garbage.

  2. mybedlinen says:
    May 16th, 2011 12:22 pm

    If you have a routine, not just for your bedroom, but for the whole house, you will not have any clutter around. Everyday, take 15 minutes to just de-clutter your house and you will notice a big difference!!

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