Organizing your Child’s Bedroom

Written by Corrie Petersen

messy-room-pictureIf your children are anything like my boys, you need all the help you can get with their bedroom. Keeping their room clean is just as hard on you as it is them. As much as you hate to do this, the easiest way to get them organized is to either do it for them the first time or help them do it.

Not knowing how to organize your child’s bedroom can be a problem. Learning how to do it is easier than you may think.

•    Overlook

Overlook the mess and go into your child’s room. You need to look at what they have, what they don’t have, and what they need. This will give you an idea of what you need to purchase to get started. Now you need to understand, you may have to make another trip or three to the store to get more supplies. This will depend on what you find when you get in there and start cleaning.

•    Supplies

Supplies that are good for organizing your child’s room would be hangers, plastic boxes with lids, and a shoe bag. You can purchase these items at discount stores or other stores. They don’t need to be pricey to work.

•    Room idea’s

If you have the funds and the room, you should consider purchasing a bunk bed with a desk underneath. It’s a wonderful addition to a bedroom that is small or a child that needs room. It’s a bed on top and a desk on the bottom. This type of bed will give your child a huge amount of room.

•    Cleaning

You need to start the cleaning process. You need to plan on spending a few hours on this task. Of course, the amount of time will all depend on how bad the room is and how much stuff they have hiding in unseen places. You need to take some plastic bags with you. You need to plan on throwing away all the old papers, trash, wrappers, and anything else that is garbage. Don’t let your child talk you into keeping stuff that doesn’t need to be kept.

If you are the type of person that can’t throw school papers and drawings away, you need to either put them in a box or save your favorites in a put them in a scrapbook. Figure out a way to organize these items and then continue the process.

•    Organizing

Once you have the cleaning done, you will need your hangers, plastic boxes, and shoe bag.

Hang up all the shirts and/or dresses, fold pants and/or skirts and put them in the dresser. If you don’t have a dresser or don’t have room for all the pants, you can hang them as well.

The plastic boxes will be used for the clothes that you won’t be using. These can be for seasonal clothes or hand me down clothes that your child isn’t ready for yet. You can also use them for toys, kits, etc.

Shoe bags can either hang on the closet door or the back of the bedroom door. When you put the shoes in this bag, you will leave the bottom of the closet clean and you will be able to use it for other items.

Once you finish the cleaning and putting everything where it should go, your child’s room will look wonderful. Now you need to train your child to put things away every night before bedtime. This may take a week or so, but you if remind them each day before bed, it will become habit. You also need to train your child to put things where they go instead of where they don’t go.

Organizing your child’s room will make you feel better about it and your child will enjoy spending time in there. Stand your ground with this and you will feel great. Good luck!


One Response to “Organizing your Child’s Bedroom”

  1. Debbye Cannon says:
    March 1st, 2009 11:27 am

    Beware the novice organizer’s trap. Professionals would recommend that you decide what you need for storage containers and such before you go shopping. Be sure to measure the size of contaniners you need and the spaces they will havae to fit in too!

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