Party Plan Training Bookings Tip

Written by Deb Bixler

Old Catalogs Will Help Find Party Bookings

What do you do with your old catalogs?

Here is a tip on how to recycle old catalogs and use them to find home party bookings. Create a sticker that says something catchy similar to these catchy one-liners:

  • “Like what you see? Have a show and get something FREE!”
  • “You invite your friends and I provide the food & fun!”

Be creative and create a catchy phrase that will grab attention. Follow it with your name and phone number and a call to action. Such as “Call me to schedule a show or get a current catalog!” Then print out the stickers or labels and place them on the front of the old catalogs.

Find Party Plan Bookings All Around Town

You can find bookings by distributing the catalogs all over town. Put them everywhere that people are waiting in queue or for their turn. Go to medical and dental offices, hair salons, mechanics, garages, nail salons, the bus and train station, etc. Put them everywhere and anywhere that people sit and wait. This is just one of many bookings tips that will bring in new business. It will not fill your calendar but it will add a booking here and there.

Deb Bixler provides party plan seminars and training that teaches systems to create consistant cash flow from your party business.  Using all the sources of finding bookings available to you will ensure that you have a full calendar. Deb Bixler’s tele-seminars provide an unlimited opportunity to find bookings and create party plan systems.  Check out this sample of the FREE seminars with the FREE ebook for home party plan  games that create more bookings.


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