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MySpace and YouTube have created a way for anyone to make money designing and selling graphics and logos. Teens thrive in these online worlds, as you probably know, and are always looking for the next best background, logo, or graphic to make their page stand out from the rest.

And, it doesn’t stop there! Up and coming business people are always looking to improve their MySpace or YouTube pages as well. A MySpace or YouTube page is like a personal electronic billboard. It’s a place for people to learn about a person and his or her work. This creates a potentially unlimited number of customers who are willing to pay to have the most creative background, graphics, and logos for their sites.

Paintshop Pro and/or Adobe Photoshop are programs you’ll want to master to be able to run this kind of business. These programs will make designing and selling graphics and logos possible. Chances are any background, logo, and graphics that you’ve seen on the Internet was created in one of these two programs. The cost of the programs may be expensive at first, but with the money you’ll earn, it will easily pay for itself quickly.

If you don’t have knowledge of Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, there are plenty of tutorials online. You might also be able to check out a book at the library or even take a paid course, if you choose. Check with your school to see if they offer a class. It’s important to master the software to make your skills marketable. Having a solid knowledge of these programs will allow you to compete in this competitive market.

Getting customers is often done by word-of-mouth. Create a background, logo, or graphic free for someone who has a large following on MySpace or YouTube with the arrangement that they will refer any inquiries to you.

Another good idea is to create a portfolio to showcase your work. On the Internet, this is simply a website featuring sample graphics you’ve done. Prospective customers can then contact you by way of your website to discuss any work they need and your rates.

There is no special licensing required for this type of business except for a general business license. You don’t even have to get a business license if you’re not making above a certain amount of money. But for any business it is a good idea to obtain a business license to keep it professional.

Payment will most likely be received via PayPal or a similar type of online payment center. PayPal is the most popular and many people already have an account set up. PayPal allows you to accept credit cards without having a merchant account or even needing a bank account. This account is like having your own savings account where the money that you receive from your work is deposited into your account You can spend directly from it by making purchases online or you can request a debit card and make purchases using that.

The place to begin is to determine your budget for the software needed. You may already have the program, or may know a friend who does and will let you use their computer as you learn. You’ll also want plenty of memory and storage space on your computer so your work will go quickly.

Once you’re set up and ready to go, begin looking at the type graphics available. Use your imagination and creativity and start designing. You can sell online to sites that buy graphics, post flyers offering your services, and create your own website where your graphics are available for sale. Whatever you decide, have fun with it. This is a great business for someone who enjoys designing and creating electronic artwork. Does that sound like you?


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