Thrifty Frugal Meals

Written by Nicole Dean

Simple Living, Frugal Eating

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Thai Ramen Soup

Instead of making plain, ol’ cheap Ramen Noodle Soup… I take the Spicy Chicken Soup… and, just when the noodles are almost cooked all the way, and there is only a little bit of water left, I drop in a tsp of peanut butter (chunky is good!) and a dash of cayenne pepper. Makes the soup more like a Thai dish… more filling… substantial… tasty… and CHEAP! – Jill Hood

Crock Pot

Your Crock-Pot is your best friend. It really can make fabulous meals that require few ingredients which means it’s less you’ll spend on groceries. You’ll also save yourself time too, since you can make all in one dishes in a very short amount of time! – Shelly Howard, owner Munchkin Menus

Organic Farms

Find an organic farm nearby and ask if they provide a weekly “harvest basket”. One of our local farms provides a weekly harvest basket for $10 which includes enough fresh fruits and vegetables to feed our family for a week! The produce is fresh and because it’s organic, it lasts and lasts much longer than store-bought produce. I also find it so much easier to include fresh veggies in our meals when I don’t have to shop for them separately! — Ellen,

How to Make Meatloaf? – Quick Easy & Frugal Meatloaf Mix

Easy Hamburger and Green Bean Casserole


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