Tips to Keep Your Business Growing During the Busy Summer Months

Written by Mary Lutz

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Summer is in full swing now (at least in some parts of the world) and with Summer come various activities that can keep you busy that don’t have anything to do with your business.  There are Weddings, Graduations, Family Reunions, Vacations (long and short), Summer Festivals, Family Visits and on and on. This summer alone I’ve personally had 2 graduation parties to host, plus various others to attend; a Youth Conference I help coordinate, a Christian music festival I help coordinate, a 3 week visit from my sister who lives 1800 miles away, various youth outings with our youth group, the 4th of July, and I still have a visit from the inlaws coming up here in 2 weeks. Then it will be back to school time and the list goes on and on. When do we have time to run a business, especially a business that is still in the startup stage or one that’s just beginning to grow? Does this sound like your life? If it does, have no fear! I have some tips to help you continue to grow your business while enjoying all those activities with your family and friends.

Plan Ahead

As easy as it sounds, planning ahead can really make the difference in your business growth while it allows you to go and do the things you love to do. After all, one of the reasons most moms choose to work from home is because we want to be able to spend more time with our families. So, planning ahead for your business is key to keep your business growing while you go out and have fun.

Planning ahead involves a schedule, maybe some crunch time to get some things done ahead of time and even perhaps an assistant to help you while you’re away.

Take a look at the events coming up in the next few weeks or even month that are going to take you away from your business. If you’re going to be gone more than a day, you will need to have some content ready to go on your blog. You can do this two ways: the hard way is to write the content yourself and schedule it to publish at various times while you’re away. Or, you can use some of that PLR (private label reports) you have sitting on your desktop or in your documents that you haven’t taken advantage of yet. Get it out, brush off the dust, rewrite it somewhat and set it to publish while you’re out and about enjoying your summer.

Another option would be to hire a virtual assistant as a content manager who can take care of your site while you’re gone. The money you spend is well worth it in order to keep your business up and running.

If you have an eBook you’ve been sitting on, get it written and ready for publication just before you leave. There will be fresh content for your affiliates to promote while you’re out and about with your family and friends.

Working Vacation

To me working while on vacation is no fun and I prefer not to do it. A vacation should be a vacation from work as well as from the ordinary life. But, if you feel you MUST then be sure to set aside only an hour or two to update your blog, check your emails or post a Tweet on Twitter with a link to your site. Don’t spend your whole vacation in front of your laptop. You won’t feel refreshed when you do return home.

Blog or Tweet your Vacation or Time Away

If you’re going to be gone for any length of time, you might consider blogging and/or Tweeting your trip. This will keep your name and business fresh in the mind of your readers and customers.

Though summertime is packed full of fun things we all enjoy, doesn’t mean our businesses have to suffer. Plan ahead or utilize any of the other tips given above to thoroughly enjoy your summer AND keep your business growing.


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