Transcriptionists In Demand – Could This Be Your Home Business?

Written by Nicole Dean

Still looking for a way to earn money online from your own home? Do you enjoy typing and and have been told you’re a whiz at it? You may be just the right person to consider learning the transcription business. General transcription services are needed by people who record audios. Podcasts, teleseminars or webinars are a few types of audios that might get transcribed. The documents are typed out by you, the transcriptionist, in a document for people who want to read it. Your transcription business won’t require a great deal of investment up front; just your computer, a quiet office, and some easily attainable transcribing equipment.

Choosing your transcription equipment will take a little bit of investigation. Take a look online at the computer programs and good quality headsets available. The actual transcription program will have the settings you need to keep the verbal recording under your control. A must-have is a good headset that enables you to clearly understand the words you are trying to type. So, let’s take a look at other things you need to know.

Now, ask yourself… do I have good listening skills, command of the English language, and fast typing skills? If you answered “yes”, then you might wonder what other skills you need. You should also be able to work well under tight deadlines, be able to work independently for most of the time, and handle the repetition of typing, which can be a strain on the hands and wrists and the back from sitting for long periods of time. If that sounds like you, and you possess a sharp eye for detail, you are well on your way. With that said, let’s look at some ideas to get you started in your home based transcription service.

Training in Transcription: When you get the right training in transcription, you will save yourself a lot of frustration! You don’t want to fail because you didn’t do your homework, do you? Before you open the doors of your transcription business, spend some of your time browsing through online courses, with your first stop at the resources at the end of this article.

Your Business Plan: Your business has to have a business plan. This may seem unimportant to you now, but wait. You simply need to outline the services you will offer and how you plan to offer those services. Your business plan should include the following information: your personal vision, your services and marketing plans, financial plans, and your growth plans. With a clear business plan in place, you will be taken seriously by your clients!

Home Office Equipment: You’ll find many sites on the internet to help you research and invest in a computer transcription program. The computer program will have many settings so you’ll be able to pause, slow down, go backwards and forward in the recording so you stay on pace as you type. You’ll love all the settings for speed, volume, and even tone control. You don’t need to worry about trying to catch up with the words or understand what was just said. It’s all under your power. One must-have is a great, not just good, headset. You will thank me later on this one when you can clearly hear all the words spoken and don’t have to keep backing up the recording, trying to understand a garbled word and wasting your precious time.

Marketing Yourself: Some people like to subscribe to national transcription companies so the work comes to them. However, if you are a good networker and like selling yourself, you may want to find your own clients and work directly with them. With podcasts popping up all over the internet – and teleseminars spreading like wildfire, you’ll have a huge list of people to contact with your services.

Website For Your Business: Besides your hard work, your new and growing transcription business depends on a great website. Use it to let the outside world know that you have openings and ready to work! You will be listing your services and letting clients know how to contact you. If website design is not your specialty, please hire someone to develop a professional website for you. The cost is minimal when compared to the client reaction you will get from happy testimonials and other client referrals. Keep in mind that your website is your professional face, so please save your personal or cutesy web stuff for the a personal blog. Your satisfied clients will always be ready and willing to refer other clients your way if you make your website easy for them to use and respond to.

The good news is, that according to the Department of Labor’s statistics, the demand for transcription services is growing at a higher than average rate in the US. If owning your own transcription business sounds interesting to you, maybe this presents the perfect opportunity for you. Are you ready for a successful “at home” career in the transcription service business? It’s time you took your talents and put them to work for you!

A Transcriptionist Business is a fun way to start making money online with a minimum of money and equipment. Get step-by-step help by grabbing the Guide to Making Money with a Transcriptionist Home Business.


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