Use Self-Talk to Succeed in Direct Sales

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Maria, a 33 year old direct sales consultant for a well-known beauty and skin care company, wanted desperately to succeed in her business. She struggled, however, with low self-esteem and didn’t believe she was qualified or capable of creating her own success working at home.

On the verge of giving up on her business and going back to work as a server at a nearby restaurant, Maria discovered a technique that she continues to study and learn more about. It’s called self-talk.

Self-talk is just what it sounds like. It’s what we say to ourselves, though it’s internal, not audible. Self-talk is also what others say about us that we hear. This kind of talk–to ourselves and by others–affects us on a subconscious level, so that without even realizing it, we believe what we hear.

Self-talk is more than what we think. It relates to the conversations we have with ourselves. We may say something like, “Why in the world did you do that?!” Or, “Whoa… you look good today, girl.” In the first case, we walk around the house felling like an idiot all day. In the second, we feel on top of the world!

Our internal self-talk may be positive or negative. It’s anything we say to ourselves, any conversation we have within our psyches at any time. And it affects us either positively or negatively, depending on the kind of talk it is.

While you may not realize it, you’re influenced greatly by your internal self-talk. Whatever you say within yourself or whatever you hear someone say about you, on some subconscious level, you believe. While you may not be as likely to believe what someone says to you, you will almost certainly believe what they say about you. Self-talk is powerful.

So how can you use self-talk to succeed in your direct sales business? By changing the things you say to yourself!

If you want to change an ingrained behavior or habit, self-talk can make or break your success. You can dramatically increase your chance of success at anything by simply changing what you say to yourself relating to that topic.

So if you want to succeed in direct sales, instead of saying to yourself, “I really wish I was a better salesperson,” you can say, “I’m so glad I started my direct sales business. I know my success is going to be over the top!”

Or, instead of saying, “Oh, I wish I didn’t have to make this phone call!” Say to yourself, “I’m so glad making calls is easy for me.”

Sometimes when we say something to ourselves there’s a little voice inside us that doesn’t quite believe it. We may say, “I’m so glad making calls is easy for me,” and deep inside us we hear, “Yeah, right. You know you hate to make phone calls.”

Self-talk doesn’t work instantaneously! But if we keep using positive self-talk and keep saying what we need to hear, we will come to believe what we say. That’s when it will begin to manifest itself in our lives and we will become what we say we are. Honestly! That’s how powerful self-talk is.

What we say to ourselves and what other people say about us that we hear affects us on our deepest emotional, subconscious level in very real ways. If we want to change our behavior, we must change what we say and believe about ourselves.

Remember Maria? Well, as she began to study and learn about self-talk, Maria began to change what she said to herself. Today, instead of suffering from low self-esteem, Maria has developed a healthy self-respect. She has come to understand and believe in her value as a woman and her abilities to succeed in direct sales!

Self-talk isn’t a magic potion. It’s a real, concrete method of changing our thought patterns and molding our minds into recognizing and believing in the good within us. Self-talk is a tremendous tool that you can use to adjust your thinking and your attitude. Give it a try… but be prepared to be amazed!


One Response to “Use Self-Talk to Succeed in Direct Sales”

  1. Rebecca Olkowski says:
    September 20th, 2009 1:39 pm

    What a great article! Negative self talk is what keeps 95% of direct sales consultants from succeeding. Once you change the way you talk about your self in a positive way, you begin to attract the right clients and team members to you rather than repel them. It is all in the language that goes into the subconscious.

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