Valentine Preschool Theme Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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Valentine Crafts for Kids

I Love You Plant

Bright Color Paper
Green Pipecleaners
Small Clay Pot
Florist Foam
Shredded Green Create Paper
Markers or Paint

Trace your child’s hand on the bright paper. Cut out two of each hand. Glue the two hands together but fold forward the middle and ring finger on both hands and glue them down. This will make your hand look like the “I love you” sign from both front and back. In the middle of the two hands you will stick a green pipecleaner for a stem. Have your child color or paint the clay pot. After that, add the foam piece to the clay pot and stick the handprint flowers inside the foam. Top off the pot with shredded green create paper.

*Don’t forget to put the year on the bottom of the clay pot. This way you will know what year the hands were made.

Valentine Hands


Paint your hand with the paint. Place your hand on your paper with your fingers closed. Paint your other hand and place the closed fingered hand next to your other handprint making your finger tips touch. This will form a heart.

**You can add a lace to the edge of your hand heart for extra decoration.**

Valentine Treat Jars

Baby food jars
Valentine material or solid color material
Paint pens
Valentine candy (hearts or M&M’s)

Wash and dry your jar. Peel off the label. Fill the jar with yummy treats and place the lid on the jar. Next cut out the size material you would like for the top of your jar; should be at least twice the size of the jar lid. Then glue it into place on the top of the jar. Take your ribbon and tie it around the lid. Next use your paint pens to decorate the outside of the jar. Hearts are always a good thing to draw.

Mosaic Hearts

Construction Paper
Hole punch

I recommend using reds and pinks for construction paper but you can use what ever color you like best. Take and tear the paper into small pieces. Using large sheet of construction paper cut out a large heart. Glue on the small torn pieces of paper to your heart. Punch a hole through the top of the heart, tie a string and hang it from where ever you would like.

Valentine Match Game

Purchase a box of Valentines
Card board
Optional Contact Paper

Separate the Valentines so that you have the ones that match together. Take one of them and glue it to the cardboard. (Optional contact paper the other card) Then have your child play a game of matching them to the board.

You can purchase multiple boxes of Valentines and make your own Bingo card and set.
Encourage them to make up their own game.

Recommended Valentine Books to Read

Louanne Pig in the Mysterious Valentine
by Nancy Carlson
When Louanne Pig receives a valentine from a secret admirer, She tries to find out who sent it.

The Night Before Valentine’s Day
by Natasha Wing
In the tradition of “The Night Before Christmas,” these rhymes outline the fun of Valentine’s Day. Kids dream of candy hearts in another funny take-off on Clement C. Moore’s beloved poem. The next day at school is a day of parties and games-and a surprise visitor bearing a Valentine gift for the whole class!

Four Valentines in a Rainstorm
by Felicia Bond
The day it rained hearts, Cornelia Augusta thought, ‘It must be getting close to Valentine’s Day,’ and started turning the hearts into cards, each different and special in its own way.

Cooking with Kidz

Valentine Candy Kisses
“Chocolate Kisses”
Melting Chocolate

Cover the inside of your funnel with foil. Then melt your chocolate and pour in to the funnel. I recommend you have your funnel sit upside down in a coffee mug until chocolate cools and hardens. When hard gently push the chocolate foil and all out of the funnel, cover again with a piece of foil so at the whole thing is covered. You can even add your own message on a piece of paper and have it sticking out the top.

“Rice Krispy Kisses”

Rice Krispy Treats
Cooking Spray

Prepare rice crispy treats as found on the box. Line the inside of the funnel w/ cooking spray. Fill the funnel with the Rice Krispy mixture. Let this sit for a couple of minutes until the shape has formed. Gently pop out the Rice Krispy out of the funnel. Cover with foil. You can add a special message on a strip of paper and have it coming out the top like a chocolate kiss, too.


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