How to Organize your Storage Room

Written by Corrie Petersen

plastic-containerStorage rooms are great for miscellaneous things that you don’t want to get lost or things that you don’t use all the time. Storage rooms are good for seasonal items like Christmas decorations and seasonal clothes. You can also store paperwork that you don’t need to have readily available, but you need to keep for possible future reference.

Storage rooms can also be the messiest places in your home. At times you put things in there in no certain order or you are looking for something and you don’t put things back. This can happen whether your room is organized or not. Sometimes it’s easier to keep it clean when you have everything put into place and it’s well organized.

Here are some tips that will help you organize your storage room.

•    Plastic containers

Plastic containers are perfect for clothes, toys, knickknacks, and other miscellaneous items that don’t have a place. These types of containers stack well together and they are good for storing items of any size or shape.

If you store clothes in these containers, you can do one of two things so you know what is in the container. If these are clothes that are for a child when they fit into them, I recommend a piece of paper taped to the lid with the size of clothes that are in it. The other option is to place a piece of tape on the lid and use a pen or sharpie to write the size.

•    Shelves

Shelves are perfect for books, figurines, small boxes, and other small items. You can purchase shelving units or shelves that are attached to the walls. Either way they will help you keep your room clean and clutter free.

•    File cabinets

File cabinets are perfect for papers that you must keep, extra paper and toner for your printer, and notebooks.  You can also store discs and boxes for your computer. Storing papers such as tax returns, insurance paperwork, and important papers in here are great. They will be easy to find.

If it’s possible, mark each drawer with a word or two that shows you what is in it. That will help you save time when you search for something you need.

Once you have all of the items in your storage room in a container, on a shelf, or in a file cabinet, you are ready to start organizing them. Your file cabinets will probably be in place already since it will be hard to move them when they are full. Store your plastic containers in a corner of the room. Don’t stack them so high that they could fall over. Make sure each container is labeled before you stack it. If possible, mark the side of the box that is facing out as well. If you have items you know you will regularly be in, put them in a spot that will be easy for you to get to.

Now that your room is clean and organized, the hardest part will be keeping it that way. Try your hardest to put things back where they were when you go to pull something out. Remind others to do this as well so you can always have a clean room.


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