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If you are writing articles to promote your website, congratulations on discovering this great way to get free advertising! If not, then read this article and get to work!

Short audio why you should submit your articles to :

Is it Really this Easy to Get Free Advertising?

by Nicole Dean, owner ShowMomTheMoney

One of the best ways to get free advertising is by writing articles and giving them away. Let me say it again in case this is a new concept for you. Simply write articles and give them away.

1. Why Should You Write Articles? 

Newsletter and Website owners are desperate for content. As someone who owns a Website and publishes a newsletter, I can vouch for this. Every day, I scour article lists, looking for quality information that will help my viewers. And, every article I use from these resources gets published with the author's information and a link to their site.

2. Why Give The Articles Away?

How much would you pay to include your ad in a newsletter or popular website? Anywhere from $5 to $80 depending on the newsletter or site. Wouldn't you prefer to have your ad placed for free? I know I would!

3.  How do you write an article?

Take another look at the article that you're reading right now. It's short. It's simple. I'm not a Literary Genius. I'm not quoting Famous Thinkers. I'm just being me . 

Start by picking something you know about, or a problem that you can solve, and start writing. Personally, I enjoy shorter articles more than longer ones, so don't feel you have to write a novel in order to get noticed. Some of the best articles are "Top 10 ..." or "15 Ways to ..." Just do it!

4. What should you include in the Author Bio?

This can be the hardest part of writing articles. Spend time on this. Make it catchy. 

  • Name

  • Something interesting about you or your business

  • Your website link - Don't forget this one!

  • Don't use this area to *sell*.  Just grab interest so they'll come to your site or sign up for your newsletter.

5. Who Wants Your Article?

After you've proof-read your article several times and spell-checked it, submit it to a few places on this list of places to submit your article.

I wish you the best of luck and lots and lots of free advertising!

Nicole Dean is the mostly-sane Mom behind - helping WAHMs Succeed and - helping Moms and Dads keep the lines of communication open with their children.

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