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Website Promotion? Where do I start?

You've got the website -- NOW how do you promote it?

Here is our lesson in Web Site Promotion. Read this page to learn about the following ways to promote your site:

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inexpensive and free ways to promote your web site

Start a newsletter <-- Yes, You Need One!

I recommend you try the free trial at Constant Contact (if you have one list) or Aweber (if you have multiple lists). They are both top-notch.

Business Cards/Fillers/Coupons <-- Don't let your Business Cards Collect Dust. Use Them.

Need inexpensive Coupons or Business Cards to promote your website? ShowMomTheMoney recommends these FREE four-color business cards! An $85 FREE gift! It's a great way to promote your business -- free!

If you'd like unique fillers, here are some VERY affordable marketing items, for WAHMs, by a WAHM, who happens to be a friend of mine:

Write Free Reprint Articles

It's easy and FREE advertising for you!

Write An Ebook

Write an Ebook - It's a great way to promote your website! 


Want to start today? ShowMomTheMoney recommends the OneMinuteEbook.

Press Releases <-- Your Business Featured in the Newspaper -- Free?

Free Press Release Tutorial - I  recommend this free press release tutorial or joining The online mentoring at MomMasterminds which includes a Press Release course, with the membership.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization. 

Search engines crawl the internet, to find sites. The fastest way is to exchange links with other sites, but you can also submit to search engines if it makes you feel like you're getting closer to being listed. :) 

  • Google - If you're going to make anyone happy -- go for google..

  • AltaVista - Click on "Basic Submit" to get your site added for free. You must have a Yahoo ID for this one.

A better way to get in good with the search engines is to optimize your site. But where to start?

Begin with this Question about Search Engine Optimization.


MomsMasterminds offers several SEO courses for free, included with the membership.

Blogs <-- What is a Blog and do you need one?

Signature Line

Use a Signature Line in every email you send. Change it regularly so people read it.

Trade advertising

Swap Advertising with other Work at Home Moms, or trade banners. How do you find other WAHMs that want to swap advertising? Network!

Bonus Website Promotion Article

65 additional ways to Market your at home Business.

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