Online Networking Tips for WAHMs
because sandy peanut butter sandwiches are better than fancy lunches with co-workers

Networking? Where do I start?

You may have heard about Networking from other people in business. Does it apply to the Work at Home Mom? Absolutely! Whether it is learning from other Work at Home Moms, trading tips, cross-promoting, referring customers to each other or partnering, the possibilities are endless. 

Listen and Learn about Networking

Nicole Dean, owner of talks about How to Network. Listen to the audio while you surf the site.

Networking is working with other business people, helping each other, and growing your business in the process.

Where should you network?

How can an Online Mastermind Group Help Your Business Grow?

Top Mastermind Groups to Consider

  1. MomMasterminds - Alice Seba and Kelly McCausey take you by the hand to help your Online business succeed.

  2. Auction Strategists - Vera Raposo, Alice Seba, and Lynette Chandler lead this group that teaches you how to have a successful ebay business.

  3. Affiliate Classroom - Run by Anik Singal. This is THE resource if you want to make the big bucks as an Affiliate Marketer. Read the free magazine provided by these experts.

How do you Network?

Now that you're online, you may ask "How do I Network?" - Networking & Marketing your business online is like going to a bar on a Friday Night!

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Network Marketers - Put the "Net" into "Network Marketing"

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