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Direct Sales Resources to Grow your Party Plan Business

Plant seeds every day, Nurture and Tend your Business Relationships, and Grow your Direct Sales Business!

Read the advice in our direct sales resource to help you grow your business.

direct sales resources!

MLM Nuts $ Bolts

The Little Red Book of Selling : 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

The Joy of Selling

direct sales advice from our experts

Hear Yes More - How to get them to say "Yes" to hosting a party.

Free Leads - Where to get them for your Direct Sales Business.

Phone Cash Make Money: Ring The Cash Register!

Managing Your Email - Tips to keep up with your email and be more productive each day.

More articles from Deb Bixler coming soon.

Direct Sales Opportunity - How to Choose an Opportunity

Direct Sales Business - Resources and Ideas to help you Succeed

Direct Sales Home Party - Simple tips and ideas to help you at the party

Direct Sales Marketing - Promote your Direct Sales website online and offline

Direct Sales Training - Recruit and Train your Downline

Online Parties - What are they and how can they benefit your business?

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How to  Succeed in Direct Sales

How can an Autoresponder help your Direct Sales Business? - You won't even believe how effective and efficient you can be!

How to Stay Focused On Your Business Everyday - What can we do every day to keep our business in the forefront without it running our lives??

Setting goals

Setting Goals
Before you jump into your business, make sure you know where you are headed by setting goals.

More about Setting Big Goals - Can a BHAG become a reality? Absolutely!!!

Direct Sales Moms - The lazy days of summer don’t have to slow you and your business down when you take these steps to prepare in advance.

Managing Business Finances - Whether you joined your company for the additional income, the fun and products, or the tax benefits, taking the following steps will enable you to get control of your business finances for higher profits and greater peace of mind.


It's Your Choice
Your Attitude will, in part, determine how far you'll go. Are you a Positive Patty or a Negative Nellie?

100 is the Key to Success
Make your List and Check it twice! This article will help you make your list of 100 people and get you on the road to success.

Direct Sales Success - “Be a product of the product!” What does this mean?-

Scheduling Your Events

Booking Parties After the Holidays
How to Get Past that Post-Holiday Slump.

Would You Miss Your Favorite TV Shows for $100, $200, $500?
No time for your business? Think again!!

How to be Successful in your Party Plan Home Business?
Yes, you have to pick up the phone.

Direct Sales Solution - Bookings are the lifeline of your business because they provide immediate income, future bookings, and lead to new team members.

At the Party

Making the Most of Your Audience at a Home Party - You've got a captive audience. Are you taking advantage of it?

How to SELL your Products at your Show - Don't focus on the features. Focus on this instead.

Successful Home Parties

Home Party Games - While you are planning your direct sales party, remember to keep it fun so the guest's attention will not start to wonder other places. Here are 5 fun home party games that will put jive into your party plan.

Direct Sales Home Party Tips - Your business allows you to have direct sales home party, but you are pondering on how you should plan the party. Stop the pondering and read the resource below. Put the tips into place and you will be planning the best online party for all your party guests in no time.

Increasing Your Sales - Great advice from our Direct Sales expert on how to increase your sales.

Online Party

Online Parties - How to have a successful Online Party with your Direct Sales business.

How to Promote Your Direct Sales Web Site

Self Promotion - If you don't promote it, who will???


How To Get Traffic?
How to Promote the Site you Receive from Your Company?

How can an Autoresponder help your Direct Sales Business? - You won't even believe how effective and efficient you can be!

Online Marketing for your Home Based Business -
Are you looking for proven successful strategies for online marketing home based business? Try the 10 strategies below and watch your sales grow by leaps and bounds.

Online Parties - Online parties are a great way to supplement a home party or introduce new people to your business.

Direct Sales Online Party - When you are planning your direct sales online party, you need to make sure you use your time to the fullest during the party to attract more sales. You will have the potential there at the party so implement the following tips to convert more sales.

Direct Sales Marketing Plan - If you are in direct sales, you know there is not one easy way to have a direct sales marketing plan. Let's get creative together with the tips below.


Recipe Cards - Custom

Lollipop Tags

250 Custom Printed Business Coupons

Promo Notepads - Cheap!

Direct Sales Mail Lead - With more and more people corresponding through e-mail, now is the time to differentiate your business by personalizing your contact with a simple and inexpensive postcard.

Building Customer Loyalty

How to Get Repeat Orders - Turn those customers into Loyal Customers

Direct Sales Leads - How to turn a Lead into a Customer

Customer Service - Your opportunity to shine

More help with Customer Service. - Building Loyalty and getting Customers who flock to YOU.

Direct Sales Home Business  - There may come a time when you hit a bump in the road with your direct sales home business. Here are some great ways to help you over that bump and on down the road to success.

Building your Downline (Recruiting)

Tips to Grow your MLM Downline - 9 Sure Fire Methods to explode your MLM Direct Sales Downline

Direct Sales Woman - As a leader you have the opportunity to touch the lives of your team members in a way that will make a difference in many areas of their lives.

Building Team Spirit - One of the most important reasons to encourage regular gatherings with your team is to provide you with the opportunity to recognize individuals for their accomplishments.

MLM Team - As Team Leader, you should hold regular group meetings to educate, inform, and motivate your team

Direct Sales Recruiting - Personalized customer service sets you apart from all the others and leads to long-term, profitable relationships with your customers.

MLM Recruiting - Building from within is the fastest and most cost effective way to grow your organization.

Training your Downline

How to Organize your email lists and Training Material - Be more efficient and a better leader.

Direct Sales Autoresponder - Training your downline is easy with an autoresponder.

Direct Sales Lead - Experts say there are no more than six common concerns to every selling situation.

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