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Personal Growth & Achieving Success

I hear it all the time. The "What If's" in Business.

  • "What if they say NO?"
  • "What if they say YES? What will I do?"
  • "I started a business, but don't know how to succeed."

Here is our lesson in Achieving Success. On other pages of this site, you'll find ways to promote your site or grow your business. Here, we are going to focus on the bare-bones nuts and bolts of succeeding in any business. You need to address these or you may keep jumping from business to business and not find the reason you're struggling.


 Marie Magdala Roker-Academic and Personal Development Coach and Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor has agreed to be our Personal Growth Columnist and will be providing us with regular encouragement and ideas to reach our highest potential!

Successful People who Have Failed

Missed Opportunities

Encouragement for Inspiration: Are You Still Waiting For Inspiration?

Money Doesn't Finance Dreams

being the best you!

Top 10 Best How-To Books - by Rix Quinn - Which books can change your life?

Top 10 Fears in Business and Marketing - Is Fear Holding You Back?

Top 7 Traits of Extremely Wealthy People - Are you doing these Seven Things?

Goal Setting Tip: How to Set Goals Like Bill Gates - Set Achievable Goals and You'll See it In Your Results.

Book Review: The Success Principle by Jack Canfield - Can it help you get from where you are to where you want to be?

have you set BHAGs?
Set BIG Goals (BHAGs)! - Can a BHAG become a reality? Absolutely!!!

Reach your BIG Goals (BHAGs)! - Now that you have a BHAG - go get it!

The Magic of Goal Setting and Affirmations - The increased focus you experience as a result of this simple activity will produce phenomenal results so that you truly get what you want out of life.

what can you learn from the movies?

Frodo's Journey: What It Can Teach You About Marketing Your Small Business - One little hobbit against gigantic odds. What made him keep going?

Business Tips from The Incredibles - This family of superheroes shows what does and does not work when you're on a mission ... to succeed!

would you like to have customers flock to you?

How Much is One Customer Worth? - How much do you value each of your customers?

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless - Customer satisfaction just produces a neutral response in people. What can you do to make your Customers come to YOU?

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