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I realized one morning as I was starting to feel things spiral out of control that I needed to clean my desk. 

As I straightened, my head got clearer and my heart got lighter. 

As I dusted and washed, it kept getting better and better.  I felt my confidence return and my optimism soar. 

Then it hit me.  The single most important thing to maintain the emotional momentum needed to sustain a business is a clean desk.  Even if all manner of mahem is breaking loose around you, if you have a clean desk, it is your sanctuary. 

Without it, not only is productivity reduced – time taken to find things and items lost never to be found again as well as the feeling of sluggishness that invades our brain– I think that a part of us feels “less than” when our desk becomes unmanageable, it is after all the “face” of our office center. 

A nagging feeling that we aren’t quite in CONTROL carries over to the other aspects of our lives and we begin to walk the treadmill that seems never ending because the one task that is staring us in the face is in fact over looked. 


To maintain a clean desk it takes only 5 – 10 minutes per day.   

It helps immensely to put things away as we use them – finished projects, pens, scrap papers and other items that have found their way to your desk without your conscious knowledge – things that you would swear you’ve never seen before except that they are on your desk – your busted!  

Sometimes it is quite surprising - I just removed a container of chocolate chips (hmm, wonder who put them there), a silicon glove that I use for soap making, 2 issues of an electronics store flyer – I am not even in the market for any electronics at this time – among the other usual stuff.  I admit, right now as I type I have… hmmm… nothing terribly incriminating, WOW!  Now that’s living. 

Since I had been doing quite well in maintaining my 10 minute desk clearing, and even have found myself clearing through the day just because I like it so much better clean… the job was quite small, the benefits immense. 

If you haven’t cleared your desk for quite some time… believe me, I have been there… pencil in an action hour.. or 30 minutes… or even 15 will do… morning, afternoon or evening.  You will not believe the difference it will make in your sunny disposition. 


  • Get a huge head start by putting everything into boxes that is on top of your desk.


  • Sort it one box at a time – garbage to recycle or shred, to file, put in a TO DO box/basket or delegate folder.


  • Be sure to keep the momentum going and get your boxes sorted by making a regular time and habit of sorting.  You’ll be amazed how much is garbage and how fast it really goes.


  • Be brutal – if you’ve been handling an item over and over but haven’t done anything with it, lighten the load and get rid of it. Imagine for a minute how good it will feel to be rid of it forever.


  • Damp wipe, dust and or polish. (be sure that the finish on your desk will stand up to what ever you are doing)  Now is a good time to give your keyboard a wipe as well. 


  • Jazz it up with a few items that you love.  You can have pictures, fancy “desk ware” that you use. I always like to get office supplies that I love – I go for colour, comfort and usability.  You can also get a few nick knacks - not too many… that you really love… things that inspire you or make you feel good. 


    I have a funky clock, a box of “You Can Do It” cards, I pick one and put it on display, a stone with the carving of a turtle on it (it’s “me” :0), a beautiful Celtic cross that I got at the dollar store, a few crystal block etchings and a stack of multi coloured post it note pads (more on what I do with them later!) and a little 212° decal for inspiration. Be sure not to over do, arrange them so that they look nice but so that you still have room to work. 

  • I also have a really pretty basket that I got for Christmas to hold urgent papers.  One you have it in place, make it a habit to go through it daily and try to keep it cleaned out.


  • Next go for the drawers.  You can dump them one at a time into a box and sort, or leave the items in the drawer and sort by item using the same categories.  Be sure to vacuum the drawers and you can line it with pretty lining paper to make future cleanings easier and to reduce wear on the drawer.


  • Sit down, take a deep breathe and notice immediately how much clearer your head is (even if you have a child talking in your ear and sprinkling pencil refill leads around your keyboard like I do – whole new story :0)  Your ability to work productively will immediately explode and so will your confidence and motivation.

Happy “paper” trails, may they all lead to the recycle box.

Janice Ferrante is the Queen of KAOS. You can learn more about how to Conquer KAOS and take CONTROL by visiting her website at Also be sure to sign up for her free ezine containing more practical tips, articles and resources at .


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