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by Janice Ferrante, the Queen of KAOS

A popular reason that most women stay home to work is so that they won’t have to leave their kids and home to go to work.

Another reason is to leave the “rat race” of 9-5, become our own boss and get to work wearing a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers!

Some of us are just natural born homebodies.

But some days it can seem a double-edged sword.

Those days I wonder if I have fulfilled my potential by staying home.

Those days I wonder if I am “less than” the other “working” mothers who have managed a family, achieved financial independence, a close network of friends and a closet full of great clothes!

A nagging feeling that I am not “out there” enough, that I am “in here” too much.

Most days I naturally fall onto the far end of the hermit scale. I enjoy my own time. Immensely.

I live outside of a small town that doesn’t have a lot going on anyway, so it isn’t a huge problem for me. But as the years pass, every once in awhile I ask myself… am I going to have regrets later?


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that time management isn’t always about being organized and efficient. It is also about re-energizing yourself, motivating yourself, refreshing yourself and being sure that you don’t depend too much on yourself for inspiration; there is a whole world out there.

If you find yourself wondering what you’re missing “out there”, here are some suggestions that will help to get you out and about, make new friends, and even help you to expand your business at the same time.

Join your local small business group - There are often groups set up particularly for women entrepreneurs in most areas these days. You will learn a lot, get support, network, promote your business and you get to “do office attire” if you want to!

Volunteer – There are many places and capacities that you can volunteer even a small amount of your time. It will invigorate you, giving you a sense of connection, contribution and accomplishment.

Go to school part time – I did this last year for a few months. It really gave me a new confidence and I learned a lot that I am presently applying to my own business. Not to mention that you learn new skills, and they look good on a resume should you ever need one. Actually, almost any extra curricular that you can do outside of the home will add to your resume if you should have need of one. If you can manage a night course one or two nights a week, that is just as good.

Join an organization - Nothing will make you feel more alive than supporting and mingling with like minded people, especially ones with a cause. If there is a group in your area who stand for something you would like to get involved with, go for it!

Buddy Up – If you have a friend with similar interests, why not make a regular time for you to get together, with or without the kids. Make it a time that you create something; maybe have a theme for each visit or an ongoing project. You can have some fun and get something done at the same time!

Create a Study Group – This can be a reading group, a craft group, even an exercise class – almost anything where a group of similar minds get together on a regular basis and exchange ideas.

If you think about it for a while, I’m sure you can think of even more ideas of your own.

The main idea is to expand your reach, your mind and get a breath of fresh air, a new perspective.


Most of us have varying degrees of sociability, some need very little interaction with other people and others need a lot.

Sociably inclined people are often very good at dealing with people and do well with sales and marketing. They greatly benefit from ongoing social interaction – keeping their social skills and connections “up to date”, as well as keeping from depression or resentment at being “stuck” at home all the time.

People who don’t have such a large social need are often good at the nuts and bolts of things and creative endeavors, and surprise themselves with enjoyed time out and their contributions on a social level. And vow to do it again. Soon. Make sure you do.

No matter where you fit on the scale, examine it and see how you can make it work for you.

Be sure that the kids are well looked after.

After that, don’t feel guilty or that you are wasting your time.

Anything that makes you happy, keeps you fresh and therefore more productive is time well spent, for you and your family.

Janice Ferrante is the Queen of KAOS. You can learn more about how to Conquer KAOS and take CONTROL by visiting her website at Also be sure to sign up for her free ezine containing more practical tips, articles and resources at .


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