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Time Management Tips for WAHMs and Moms

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Daily Work Keeps things Manageable for Moms

Time Management:
Daily Work Keeps things Manageable for Moms

Your Business is like Housework

We all have housework, there are dishes to be done, laundry to be washed, floors to be cleaned and toilets to scrub (ugghh). No one enjoys these tasks, but we do them because it makes our house clean and we feel great when it is done. We can invite company over, relax in the living room with our kids and stay healthy.

There are several ways you can do housework
1. Do a little each day. Spend 15 – 20 minutes each day and do 3 or 4 things. Buy the tools that make it easier (Mops, organizer for our cleaners, feather duster) Be organized so we know where the toilet bowl scrubber is when we need it. Invite others to help us (spouses, kids)

2. Do it all once a week. Let everything accumulate til Saturday and then spend hours (when you’d rather be at the beach) cleaning the entire house. It takes so long to do it all, but it sparkles when it is all done and you are done for the rest of the week. But you know that feeling is short lived, because next weekend you’ll have to do it all over again. The piles are going to accumulate and take over your nice clean space.

3. Do it once a month. Spend an entire day cleaning. You are so far behind, it seems daunting and overwhelming. You probably don’t even know where to begin nor where the cleaning supplier are because they are under all that clutter. Sometimes it feels easier to ignore it and quit. Your feel your house will NEVER be clean

Your business is the same way. Just imagine how you will feel when you do a little each day. 3 or 4 tasks each day. Buy the tools to make it easier (a dayplanner, a file cabinet, a computer that works) Organize yourself, so you know where the catalogs are when you need them. Invite your kids and spouse to help label product, unpack boxes, data entry etc. Then reward yourself for doing work each day.

Take 15 – 30 minutes today and do something for your business. And then reward yourself for doing it! Go outside with your kids, take a walk, read a book. Allow yourself to feel great and successful because you worked your business today.

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