10 Days to Christmas: A Christmas Checklist

Written by Mary Lutz

So Many Christmas Cupcakes! photo credit: clevercupcakes

Here we are, 10 days until Christmas!!! Here’s quick check list to make sure you’re ready for the big day!!! You can print this list off and check the box next to each item as it’s completed.

  • Christmas shopping complete
  • Gift wrapping done
  • Christmas meal planning complete, including breakfast, Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas dinner
  • Christmas meal shopping complete
  • Christmas cards or newsletters out in the mail. If you haven’t done this as of today, they probably won’t make their destinations before Christmas.
  • Christmas decorating complete
  • Christmas baking done
  • Acts of service cards or certificates created by hand or computer and filled out
  • Travel plans set and double checked! Be sure to check on flights! Sometimes they cancel them or change flight times without notifying you!
  • Backup plan for travel in case of bad weather
  • Last minute gift items bought
  • Last minute gift items wrapped
  • Stocking stuffers bought
  • Stocking stuffers put away in a safe place until Christmas Eve
  • Ecards or email newsletters created and set to send out Christmas day
  • Online shopping complete. If you are doing the majority of your shopping online, you want to make sure you can still get your items delivered by Christmas Eve at the latest.
  • House cleaning schedule/checklist in place. Make your house cleaning/preparations easier by following this guide!
  • Gift for teacher(s) bought, wrapped and ready for delivery.
  • Cookies or other goodies ready for school party(ies).
  • Gift exchange items bought, wrapped and ready for delivery
  • Kids Christmas plays or concerts marked on the calendar
  • Christmas outfits bought and cleaned for parties, plays or entertaining
  • If blogging is a source of income for your family, be sure you’ve got some posts preset to go out automatically during the busy Holiday season.
  • Secure all your Christmas plans with family. Be sure everyone is on the same page as to date, time and location. This is especially important if you have divorced parents, or married kids who have 3 or 4 different family groups with which to spend the Holidays.
  • If you have guests staying the night, be sure all the guest bedding is clean. If using air mattresses be sure they are leak-free and that you can find the pump!
  • If you have babies coming over, be sure to baby-proof your house with gates, plug protectors and cabinet door stoppers

Using this check list will help you feel less stressed and like you’re not forgetting to do something! So, print it out, hang it on your bulletin board or refrigerator and be sure to check things off as they are completed. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you do!

Merry Stress Free Christmas!


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