10 Ways to Find New Hostesses

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The backbone of any direct sales or home party business is continually finding new hostesses. Here are some ideas you may have used in the past but that will almost always bring you new leads.

1. Call everyone you know (again). Use the time to chat for a bit and catch up on news, but also to let them know about your latest hostess bonuses and discounts.

2. Post a new flyer everywhere. Create a colorful flyer to match the season, make dozens of copies, and post them in laundromats, beauty salons, health clubs, restaurants, schools, banks, day spas, etc. This is a good time to replace any flyers you may have posted in the past.

3. Take a handful of flyers with you every time you leave the house and share them with anyone who will let you. Consider grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, repair and delivery personnel, and more.

4. Hold a yard sale and be sure every customer gets a hostess flyer before they leave. Have lots of samples and products on hand as well. This is a good way to get rid of some clutter, too!

5. Create a small “tract” to leave with a tip for your server whenever you eat out. Include complete contact information and a simple invitation to host a show. Add a small sample and a decent tip for the greatest impact.

6. Contact retirement communities and assisted-living centers in your area and offer to do a fundraising party. Volunteer directors are always looking for fun, new activities for residents and they’re always in need of additional funds.

7. Contact local clubs and organizations and offer to provide a free workshop or class in exchange for them allowing you to set up a table with your company information in the back.

8. Place a small ad in local newspapers and community newsletters offering an added bonus for new hostesses.

9. Post free ads on Craigslist, USFreeAds, GoLSN and similar sites.

10. Leave a sample with your business card in the teller window when you go to the bank.

Give these simple tips a try and see if you don’t come up with several new hostesses to book your calendar full over the coming weeks!


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