15 Free Ways To Promote Your Direct Sales Business

Written by Annette Yen

When you’re first starting your direct sales business or even after you’ve established yourself you want to focus on getting the word out and maintaining momentum.  Obviously you can invest in some paid advertisements, but there are some great ways to get the word out about your business that don’t cost anything but a little bit of your time.

Let’s take a look:

1. Sizzle Cards – Create business sized card flyers on your computer or use VistaPrint’s free business cards and advertise yourself with them.  These cards aren’t your typical business card with just your name, business name, email and phone, but like a 30 second commercial in print on a snazzy card that you can give to any and everyone you see.  Print a simple coupon on the reverse side to increase your chances of someone calling you to redeem it!

2.  Flyers – put up flyers 1/4 page flyers any and everywhere you can (ask first).  Think through your target market and ask to leave a stack at the front desk, cash register or on a bulletin board.  As above, adding some type of “action” incentive or coupon will increase the chances of that flyer not ending up in the circular file somewhere!

3.  Press Releases – spend some time crafting a press release about you and what you can offer to the community.  Don’t make it a sales letter – the press is looking for relevant news stories, so stick to news or how you and your product might relate to what’s going on in the world today.

4.  Articles – This, in my opinion, is the best way to market yourself for no cost at all.  Write articles and publish them locally as well as submit them to internet article directories.  Establish yourself as an expert in your field and refer them to your website for more information and specials.

5.  Seminars – Offer to be a speaker at local seminars and business meetings – again, keeping it news worthy and not all about sales.  For instance, if you’re in a food oriented direct sales business, offer to do a seminar on entertaining with food, or healthy holiday entertaining, etc.

6.  Park District events – Similar to above, offer to teach a class through your local park district.  They’ll print your information in their community guide that is sent to everyone in your local area which furthers your status as an expert in your field.

7.  Online forums – actively participate in online forums that relate to your niche market.  Again, don’t just give a sales pitch but be helpful and involved.  This can be done with just a little time each day and can be very effective if done well.

8.  Commenting on blogs – search for blogs that target your market as well and comment on the blog entries. No sales pitches here either -this is all about getting your name out there and branding you, not about other people thinking you are spamming your business, product or opportunity everywhere.

9.  Local networking groups – Get involved in local networking groups and your chamber of commerce. Most networking groups will allow you to visit at least once for free and may charge a fee in the future.

10.  Referrals – referrals are the backbone of any good business so make sure you’re asking your current customers to recommend you to their friends and family. Make it easy by giving them sizzle cards or other things to pass on to their contacts or better yet, reward your customers for the referrals they send you.

11. Partner up – work with another direct sales representative in a complementary but not competing business and work to promote each other with each event and party that you do.

12.  Drawing box – put up “prize drawing” boxes at local restaurants where people can enter and win a free prize from you.  This will help you build your local mailing list and get your name out as well.

13.  Volunteer – volunteer at local fundraising events and offer to throw in a coupon or something as a door prize if you’re able.

14.  Wear logo clothing – if you receive some type of “uniform” shirt or logo wear from your company as part of your starter kit, wear it often!  If not, create a name tag or button to wear around.  Don’t be shy!

15.  Return address labels – add your business website or business email to your return address labels and use those for everything you mail out from now on.  Or invest in a simple self-inking stamp that has the same information so you can stamp all over the envelope!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of ways to get your name out and start letting people know you are in business and ready to serve!


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