5 Secrets to Making Happy Hostesses

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Happy Hostesses mean more guests invited to your home parties, a more relaxed atmosphere during the party itself, and better party sales. The key is how to make a Happy Hostess and how to get her motivated to have a great show.

1. Offer added incentives.

Many direct sales companies provide gifts designed solely for hostesses, but you can become known as the consultant who offers more to her hostesses. Add a small gift that no other consultant offers.

This could be an added 10% discount on product, a surprise product that you bought on clearance and wrapped in a pretty gift bag, or even a complimentary book of tips (that you wrote and published yourself) on ways to use your company’s products more effectively. Whatever it is, giving your hostesses a little something extra will let them know you appreciate them and the part they play in building your business.

2. Publish a monthly newsletter or ezine.

You can easily create a monthly newsletter filled with hostess coaching tips, product information, discount coupons, ideas for using company products, contest drawings and more. It’s a great way to keep in touch with prospects and past customers. And if you send it out by email, it only costs some of your time.

Be careful that you do more than sell products, though. No one needs another sales letter, but most people will gladly accept some soft-selling “commercials” in the midst of an informative publication filled with ideas they can use.

3. Send greeting cards or postcards.

While you can use e-cards to keep in touch–and that’s okay!–think of the impact a physical card would have on a customer’s birthday or anniversary. Or think of how she would respond when you send her a postcard saying “Thanks for hosting your party with me!” It still only costs a few cents to mail a postcard or greeting card, but the impact on your hostesses may be priceless.

4. Become a good motivational coach.

While it may take some training to learn how to coach your hostesses well, making the effort to learn will pay off tremendously over time. Learn to recognize different personality types and discover what motivates each one. Then make the most of each hostess personality type to encourage them in ways that matter to them, individually.

If a hostess wants recognition, seeing her name published in your monthly newsletter will make her feel special. If she likes rewards, giving her an added gift will do the trick. Build on what motivates your hostesses to keep them as happy as you can. They’ll reward you with loyalty and word of mouth referrals to help you grow your direct sales business in record time.

5. Support your hostesses.

If a hostess receives an order that’s wrong, do your best to make it right. Even if the product is shipped to her directly, step in and help her resolve the issue. Offer to call the company for her. Offer to replace an item. Give her ideas for what to say to friends whose orders were late when they expected their orders to be on time. Go the extra mile to do whatever you can do to support your hostess. It’s called customer service and it’s what a good business is built on.

Offering added incentives, keeping in touch through newsletters, greeting cards and postcards, being a motivational coach and supporting your hostesses may seem like a lot of added work. But practicing these strategies will help turn you–as a direct sales consultant–into one with a good, strong reputation for caring for your hostesses and not just someone who wants to make a buck.

Ultimately, the number of parties you host and your sales will increase, but they’ll do so through word of mouth marketing and quality referrals. Let serving your hostesses and your customers become your business priority and they will build your business for you.


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