5 Traits of a Great Consultant

Written by Nicole Dean

You’ve started your direct sales business and you want to be the best consultant ever.  There are several traits you should possess to become known as a great consultant to your hostesses and recruits.

  1. First and foremost, a great consultant is honest. They are honest in every area of their life and they will not join an organization or company just to make a buck. They are a consultant for that specific organization or company because they truly love the product they are selling and honestly believe in it. They instill trust in the people they meet.
  2. Product knowledge is a must for every great consultant. They should be able to answer any questions that arise during shows or a consultation or be willing and able to find the answer. If you don’t know your product, get to know it. If you are asked a question about a new product that you don’t know the answer to yet, find out and don’t waste any time in getting the answer to your customer. If you hesitate too long, you will lose the customer’s confidence in you and potential sales!
  3. A great consultant is one who is organized. You don’t want to appear disorganized with everything in disarray to your customers. They will lose confidence in you if you can’t find a sales order form, or don’t have your catalogs organized and ready for a show. Getting organized does take time, but once you get organized, it actually saves you time. If you truly don’t have any organizational skills, find someone who does and have them help you get organized. Have them come over and help you organize your business files, products, brochures, customer files, and receipts. Have them teach you how to stay organized too. It won’t do you any good to get organized just to become unorganized in a week or so.
  4. Time management is a skill every great consultant must possess. Time management is so important in direct sales because you need to be punctual to your shows, when interviewing potential new recruits and so on. If you are continually late to shows, or worse, cancel shows because you’ve double booked, then your clients will lose their confidence in you and you will lose business.
  5. And the final trait every great consultant will possess is excitement and motivation. Have you ever been to a show where the consultant was dull and boring? Did you want to buy anything? Probably not. Being excited about what you’re doing and selling is one of the greatest “sales tools” you can possess. This is because your excitement will bubble over into your show and to your guests and they will be more likely to buy from you if you appear happy and excited about what you’re doing.

You can become a great consultant by using these traits in every area of your life. By doing so, they will become natural to you and your clients will trust and love you and come to you over and over again when they need something. Not only that they will recommend friends and family to you, helping grow your business and reaching your business goals and dreams.


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