7 Tips to Success in Direct Sales

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It’s true that once you become a direct sales consultant, there are many areas you’ll need to focus on in order to make a profit. You’ll need to be able to recruit people, sell products, host parties, and advertise yourself, to name just a few. But how can you really be successful in your direct sales opportunity? With these seven simple tips, you’ll be successful in every area!

Manage Your Time Wisely

Make sure each minute you devote to your business, you’re truly focused and doing something to take your business forward. Whether it’s cold calling, visiting customers, advertising, or ordering product, make the best use of the time you have to spend. Time wasted is money wasted, so it’s important to be as productive as possible in direct sales. Add to this the fact that you also have family to spend time with and a life to live outside your business, and time management skills become even more important.

Make To-Do Lists and Stick to Them

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re in direct sales. There is truly so much to do and it’s up to you to do it all. To ensure you get it all done, write down a list every day of the things you need to complete that day. Remember to keep your expectations realistic and write down only what you can realistically do in one day. Making a list that’s too long then not completing your list will only discourage you. Cross things off one by one as you complete them, then when your list is finished you can take satisfaction in a day’s work well done.

Keep a Positive Attitude

you’ll never be successful if you’re miserable–in direct sales or any other business. If you hate dealing with people and you don’t like selling products, direct sales may not be the career for you. Direct salespeople need to love what they do and be happy doing it. Customers will quickly pick up your attitude, and having a positive one will influence many more people to buy from you. After all, we all want to do business with someone who’s a pleasure to deal with and who has a positive attitude.

Take Charge of Your Success

Never lose sight of the fact that your success is ultimately up to you. Gaining new customers and making a profit won’t happen if you sit back and hope that your sales start to grow. Look for opportunities to sell whether it’s at a party you host or while waiting in line at the grocery store. Always be open to opportunity, and you’ll be surprised where you find it.

Designate Your Work Space

When you’re at work, even if you’re working from home, you need to have a designated area away from interruptions such as the television, computer (other than what you need for work), ringing telephones, and other distractions. Make a space that will allow you to focus and accomplish what you need to do. The more time spent focusing on your direct sales business, the more success you’ll achieve. And a quiet work area that lets you focus will help considerably.

Become Your Own Financial Advisor

When you’re in direct sales, you not only need to keep track of the commissions you’re making but also any money that you may owe the company for sample products or such, and any expenses you may have. You must act as the middle man for the transfer of the money from the customer to the company. In any direct sales business, there’s lot f money changing hands at any given point. Because of this, you’ll need to become especially good at keeping track of finances so you know what you owe who, and when it’s due.

Get Excited!

Don’t be afraid to be passionate and excited about what you sell. This excitement will instantly rub off on your customers and they’ll start to wonder what you’re excited about. Once they give you a chance to show them, they might be interested enough to buy your products–or even start selling, too. Your excitement instantly increases your chances of success in direct sales.

There are many other ways to achieve success in direct sales. But these seven will get you started and help ensure you’re on the road to success right away!


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