Attraction Marketing – Sprinkling Your Business Value In Conversations

Written by Deb Bixler

Attraction marketing is the process of creating interest in your business by sprinkling information about your company into everyday conversations. If you have ever paid attention to a small business owner when she talks, you will start to pick up on the subtle instances of attraction marketing. Some people do it on purpose, others don’t even realize they are doing it.
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Attraction Marketing In Home Party Plan?

Home party plan training should focus on the how-to of attraction marketing so that consultants have plenty of business.

There are three reasons why a direct sales business owner would use attraction marketing. The first reason is to generate interest in the products that she sells. The more glowing information a person hears about a product, the more that person wants to see that product.

The second reason that a direct sales consultant uses attraction marketing is to find new event hosts. When someone you know finds out that you are a party consultant, it could open the door to hosting a party.

The final reason to mention your direct sales business in everyday conversation is to recruit new consultants. If you present it properly, then you will find others that want to give it a try.

Always Add Value To Your Business

The only way attraction marketing works for a business is if you strike an emotional chord with the person you are talking to. If you can add value to your business in their eyes by pointing out something that interests them at an emotional level, then they will listen to you.

For example, if you know that your sister loves to meet new people, then you can sprinkle in the fact that direct sales allows you to meet all kinds of new people. She will find that interesting and she will remember it.

Be Subtle – Not Pushy

Attraction marketing requires practice to make sure you get it right. If it sounds too deliberate, then you lose that emotional angle that is so important. But if it sounds genuine, then it can be very powerful. For example, when someone asks you what you did over the weekend, that is an open door to talk about your direct sales business.

The difficult part about attraction marketing is making sure that you always take advantage of the opportunities like the one in the previous example. In the course of regular conversation, you get those opportunities much more often than you would think. You can be subtle and still be effective when talking about your business.

If you want to get people interested in your business, then you need to get them to share your enthusiasm.

Home party plan training should focus on the how-to of attraction marketing so that consultants have plenty of business.


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