Backyard Snow Activities

Written by Nicole Dean

You look outside and see a beautiful blanket of white snow covering the ground. Your children are inside getting more and more restless as the morning progresses.

The next time this happens, turn off the TV, bundle up the kids, and head outside for some old-fashioned fun in the snow.

Who says lumps of coal are a bad thing at Christmastime? All you need to make a snowman is a few lumps of coal (or rocks) for eyes and a mouth, a carrot for a nose, sticks for arms, and a scarf and hat to keep him warm, and you’ll
have a snowman to make Frosty the Snowman envious. If you have very ambitious children, send them out to make an entire
snow family. Your kids will be entertained for hours.

Snow Angels
Have your children lay down in the snow and move their arms up and down, and their legs in and out. Then, have them stand up. Your little angel will have made an angel in the snow. Add glitter or a garland halo to make your snow angel sparkle.

Build a Snow Fort or Igloo
There’s no cheaper way to build a playhouse than with snow. Invest in some warm mittens for your kids, and send them outside with some buckets. They may get inspired and create an entire home, with snow-furniture and decorations. You may even provide them with a spray-bottle with water and food-coloring so they can ‘paint’ their igloo. Serve them hot cocoa with yummy marshmallows in their new home.

Snowball Fight
Older kids love a good snowball fight. If you have a fluffy snowy day, jump into the fray with your kids and show them how a good snowball fight is done.

So, the next time you see the kids getting restless, bundle them up in cozy clothes, send them out into the snow, and start some hot cocoa brewing. Grab the camera and enjoy the day.


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