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Written by Deb Bixler

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Deb Bixler teaches sale professionals in home party plan businesses how to create a consistent income from home.

Did you ever wonder why some people have more bookings than they can handle and why others can not keep a show on their calendar? There are more bookings out there for you if you want them, so if
you do not have enough bookings, you really should look at your attitude. Our recent Power Hour was on having a TERRIFIC JANUARY.  Having a terrific January is all about attitude.  Having a terrific Summer is all about attitude! Having a terrific December is all about attitude.

Your attitude will make or break your business.  You can have a terrific consistent year round business when you have the right attitude.

That is what this website Show Mom The Money and my website Create A Cash Flow Show are all about.  These sites were designed for you to be able to create a consistent cash flow show schedule.

If a consistent business alludes you, then most likely your attitude is holding you back and you are not taking advantage of all the resources available to you.  There are over 200 articles on CACFS and many tools and resources that teach you how to do exactly that.  Have you read them all?

Excerpt From Sensational SummerPost # 195

You can have a sensational Summer in your sales business when you believe that you can do it! It is mostly about attitude. Listen to this hour recording on how to set your self up for success and have a terrific Summer….LINK To Article

Excerpt From Fill Your Calendar Post # 217

Everyone in home party plan sales wants more bookings.  In my
opinion, one reason that this is such an issue for most sales
consultants is the actual term, bookings. What
exactly is a booking, anyway?

  • An invitation to someone’s home.
  • A scheduled show.
  • A home party.
  • A fun gathering.
  • A good time.
  • A get-together

Don’t they sound nice? Booking is a technical term.  It is not friendly, nor is it encouraging to the guest,the consultant or the future host. LINK To Article

Excerpt From Unlimited Free Leads Post # 103

Public speaking will bring you FREE leads and more business than you can handle. One of the reasons I was able to replace my full time job with my direct sales business in only 9 months, was because of my willingness to offer myself as a public speaker. Area clubs, churches and social organizations are always looking for FREE speakers.
LINK To Article

Excerpt from What is the cash flow Funnel ? Post # 96

I was at a seminar today that was boring as hell. Many of the attendees got up and left. Actually, I had expected it to be the best one of the entire day because the speaker was a professional that I had heard of previously. I didn’t walk out because I have learned in the past that you never know when you are going to hear something that will change your life. That did not happen to me today, although I did get the inspiration for this post.
Link To Article


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