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You can never put too much time or effort into training your hostess. And while many direct sales managers coach on the topics of increasing sales and recruits, few focus on what it takes to make a hostess happy and how to increase your direct sales success through hostess coaching. Those who do may neglect the importance of a standardized Hostess Packet in communicating with your hostess.

Communication is a huge factor in keeping a hostess happy. Communication involves a variety of factors. Letting your hostess know what is expected of her. Letting her know what you’ll provide. Informing her of any changes in agenda, schedule or format. Staying in touch through encouraging emails and phone calls. Basically… communicating with her!

It’s easier for a hostess to do a good job if she knows what to expect and what is expected of her. Communicate both messages clearly and you’ll make your hostess happy, which will, in turn, increase your sales and hostess staying power. And a ready-made hostess packet is a tremendous way to communicate consistently.

You can create a standard hostess packet that includes the following features inexpensively and in a minimal amount of time. Make up a few to have on hand and keep them in your car so you can share one as soon as you book a show. A standard packet of materials will make communicating with your hostess much simpler, almost routine.

• Welcome Letter

Thank your hostess for booking a show with you. Confirm the date and time as well as the location. Remind her of your hostess rewards program and what she can earn for hosting a show. Provide her with full contact information for you including your name (she may forget), phone number, email, instant messenger if you use it, etc.

• Catalogs or Brochures and Order Forms

Give your hostess a catalog or two and a few order forms so she can take advance orders. You’ll both be on your way to a more successful show.

• Invitations and Address Labels

If your company provides post cards, give your hostess as many as she thinks she’ll need to invite all her guests. You can also provide address labels to make her job easier. Or even offer to address and mail the invitations for her! That’s a service that a lot of hostesses will gladly accept. And one which ensures invitations go out on time and with all the correct information.

• Business Cards

If your company offers the ability to tie online sales to a particular show, you can increase your pre and post-party sales by providing your hostess with business cards that include your website address for easy online ordering.

Encourage your hostess to give a card to everyone, whether they plan to attend the show or not. That way, even those who think they’ll be there can order online if they have a schedule change and can’t make it. Give your hostess a code that friends should use when ordering online to ensure all orders are credited to her show.

• Hostess Rewards Planner

Create a one-page sheet that includes all the ways your hostess can earn rewards from her show. Include one in every hostess packet.

• Potential Guest List

Also create a list of all the types of people your hostess should consider as possible guests. Include such folks as friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, parents of her kids’ friends, teachers, church friends, etc. Encourage your hostess to fill this form out completely and plan to over-invite. Doing so will ensure a larger group of guests and a more successful show.

• Successful Party Tips

You might also want to include a list of tips to help your hostess on the day of the show. Include such things as keeping the refreshments simple, calling friends on the day of the show to remind them, finding someone to babysit, etc.

• Plan What You’ll Say When Coaching Your Hostess

Though you never want to sound like a robot, having a script to communicate various aspects of your hostess coaching session will make the job seem less like a chore while still flowing smoothly. Jot down some notes on what you’d like to say and practice until the conversation seems to flow and you remember to cover all the topics of importance.

Remember that your hostess wants to succeed! By hosting a successful show your hostess gains more in the form of prizes, free products, discounts, etc. Helping her succeed will create a happy hostess. And a happy hostess means one who earns more for you. It’s definitely a win-win situation for all concerned!


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