Direct Sales Prospecting: Who Do You Know?

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Looking for new direct sales customers, hostesses for your home shows or even recruits? One great strategy to find all of the above is to contact everyone you know and determine their interest. The problem is thinking of everyone you know!

You may have friends you’ve lost touch with or people you know from a club you no longer belong to, friends who live in your “old neighborhood,” or any number of other contacts that you’ve simply forgotten about or haven’t considered. Here are possible contacts you may not have thought about. Once you work through this list, you’ll probably think of even more prospective customers, hostesses and recruits that haven’t even crossed your mind.

• Accountants
• Auto insurance sales rep
• Babysitter
• Babysitter’s parents
• Bank tellers
• Barber
• Bookkeepers
• Business associates
• Candy stripers
• Car salesman
• Chiropractors
• Chiropractors’ Assistants
• Church family
• Church secretary
• Club members
• Co-workers
• College friends
• Convenience store clerks
• Dental hygienists
• Dentists
• Direct sales reps in other companies
• Doctors
• Editors
• Firemen
• Former business associates
• Former church family
• Former church secretary
• Former club members
• Former co-workers
• Former neighbors
• Friends of family
• Friends of friends
• Grade school friends (if you’re young enough)
• Graphic artists
• Grocery store cashiers
• Hair stylist
• Health insurance sales rep
• High school classmates
• Jewelers
• Journalists
• Life insurance sales rep
• Neighbors
• Nurse’s Aides
• Nurses
• Non-profit workers
• Optometrists
• Ophthalmologists
• PTA members
• Pastors
• Pet walkers
• Pharmacists
• Physicians’ Assistants
• Play group parents
• Police officers
• Postal worker
• Publishers
• School principal
• Security guards
• Servers at your favorite restaurant
• Shoe salesperson
• Spouse’s assistant
• Spouse’s boss
• Spouse’s co-workers
• Spouse’s club members
• Spouse’s former assistant
• Taxi drivers
• Tax preparers
• Teachers
• Teachers’ Aides
• Tutors
• Volunteers you know
• Writers
• Your boss
• Your boss’s spouse
• Your former boss

This list is by no means exhaustive, but there are surely people here that you haven’t thought of in ages. Get out your old phone book and give them a call. You can almost bet on finding some new customers, hostesses or representatives for your direct sales business if you do. And that means a definite increase in profit. So start right away!


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