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One of the key methods to becoming a successful direct sales person is learning to conduct a good presentation. Often direct sales consultants aren’t seasoned or professional sales people so they never receive training to help them improve in this area. Below are some tips to help you prepare and create a winning presentation every time to ensure you never lose a sale because of a poor presentation.

• Know Your Product

Since many direct sales consultants don’t get proper training from their upline they’re often thrown out into the field their with canned presentation materials and methods that were created by the company. As a result, the consultant may not know how to think on her feet and edit or customize the presentation for each prospect. And they often rely so heavily on the company presentation format that they don’t really learn the product which would give their presentations depth and charisma.

This is why it is so important to use, know and believe in the product you’re selling. This will give you great and relatable stories to tell during your presentation, and more passion for what you’re doing. You’ll also be able to customize your presentations and answer questions easily. There’ll be some products or items that your company sells that you’ll know more about. That’s ok. Your goal will be to know at least the basics about everything you offer so you can speak intelligently about the products.

• Don’t “Throw Up” on Your Prospect!

This is good advice when taken literally, but here it’s used as a metaphor! When you make your presentation, don’t just rattle off endless information about your direct sales products. This sounds like common sense, but many direct sales consultants use this method every time they present. Most consultants start by selling to their friends and family who are very tolerant, want to be supportive, and will most likely buy anyway. But if you’re in this to make a solid income, then you’ll soon exhaust your list of personal contacts and begin presenting to people you don’t know.

The best advice for you is to Listen More, Talk Less. Most of your presentation should involve you listening to the needs of your potential customer and seeing how your product can help him, or make him happy. This way you can tailor your presentation for the receiver–giving the highlights of what your product can do for him, how it can fulfill his needs, and how it can make his life better. Doing this will answer the big question all customers are secretly asking… WIIFM – “What’s In IT For Me!”

• Use Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is about long-term connections, not just transactions. In direct sales, you want to build a bond with your prospects so they’ll become long-term customers and advocates for your business. Your presentation needs to be about your customer, not you. This means asking questions, listening, being respectful and sincere. In other words, build your relationships deep, not wide.

Each prospect can become a customer or a part of your team, and they can bring you referrals, or become a winning sales person themselves; each of these scenarios will benefit your business. Getting to know the people you present to has so many advantages, such as loyalty to your product and you, fun interactions, added sales, and more. So, go deep rather than wide with relationship marketing and build off of each prospect. This is much more effective than trudging along simply looking for people to sell your products to.

• You’re Unique, So Be You!

Remember that “people buy you, not your product.” Sounds crazy, but it’s true. If you’ve been in sales for a bit, you will have experienced or heard of a situation where a direct sales person meets with a prospect, has a presentation, follows up, and does all the right things, but no sale. Then another rep comes along from the same company and “Bam!” gets the sale.

Looking at this you might say that the first sales person warmed them up or got them ready to buy and the second sales rep just took the order. That kind of thinking is okay for young consultants or those just starting out in direct sales, but once you’ve been around for awhile, you need to hold your ego in check and see that you can’t sell or build a relationship with everyone. And that’s okay!

Most times when you start a direct sales venture, you begin by meeting the top sellers in the company. Your first thought is ‘if I can be them then I will be successful.’ Wrong! You have your own unique selling style, you just need to find it and use it.

Start out by using the best practices and methods you’re given by your upline or company, then add your own style and flair in baby steps, if needed. This will make your sincerity, passion, and charisma shine through and these are sales presentation musts.

Frustration due to lack of sales is one of the reasons many direct sales consultants quit. Master these basic, but crucial concepts, and you’ll not only see your sales increase, but you’ll be less nervous and more confident when making a presentation.


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