Don’t Let Fear Get In Your Way of Success

Written by Nicole Dean

If you’re reading this you 1) are afraid of success and 2) would like to find a “cure” for that fear.

You probably started your direct sales business because you wanted or needed more money, were looking for a business you could run while raising your kids or something like that.  Whatever the reason, you probably didn’t start out thinking, “I only want to go “this” far”.  Most likely you went in with no fear telling yourself you were going to make this business SUCCESSFUL.  Never in a million years did you think you would start to get scared just when things were beginning to take off.  However, now here you are with success knocking on your door and you’re afraid to answer.

What are you afraid of? Making more money? Surely, not.  Attracting great business partners? Really?  Or is it that you’re afraid that you’ll fail at being successful?  Thinking that you won’t be able handle everyone’s expectations of you.

Have you ever had someone say to you, “You’ve got so much potential in [insert certain area in your life here]” but found yourself doubting what they were saying or not believing it at all? Be honest with yourself now and really think back to those times and the people who were saying those words to you. Who were they? Probably people you admired and looked up to weren’t they? I thought so because that’s exactly who I heard those words from so many times in my life.

Now take a look at yourself, not just your outer self, but your inner self. Really examine who you are, where you’ve been, what you want out of life and why you haven’t reached your goals or set any goals for that matter.

Here a few questions to get you started:
•    What holds you back?
•    Why don’t you go after what you want in life?
•    Is it family values-are you putting your family ahead of your dreams?
•    Why can’t your family be a part of your dreams?
•    Do you think that you don’t have what it takes to reach your goals or live your dream?
•    Do you feel like you’re not smart enough or talented enough to live your dream?
•    What is your dream?
•    Do you even have a dream?
•    Are you afraid of dreaming, maybe you think ‘what’s the use’?

Now that you’ve become better acquainted with yourself you need to realize the YOU DO have what it takes to be successful in life. You’re both smart and talented.  You might not be one of those people who gets noticed right way but you have something of value to offer.  Never doubt that.  You can live my dream of working from home, owning your own business and doing something you truly love.

So, think about it.  What is your burning passion?  What do you keep coming back to every time you think of your direct sales business? Perhaps it’s simply booking more shows or making more sales.  But, maybe, just maybe it’s branching out to help others achieve the same level of success you enjoy.

See? You do have something to offer so get out there and dip your little toe in the pool.  Don’t let your fears or anxiety hold you back. Figure out what you are afraid of and the things that are holding you back and learn to overcome them. It is possible to overcome our fears by facing them.

If you’re shy then take steps to be more outgoing. Facing your fears is the only way to truly overcome them, and once you do, you may find that what you’re afraid of isn’t so bad after all.


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