Educational Music Activities

Written by Nicole Dean

Music makes life more exciting. If you’ve ever watched a movie, notice how the music reaches a fever pitch when something scary is about to happen. Without music we wouldn’t be able to sing beautiful songs. Kids can learn an appreciation for music and still have fun.

Join a theater group. There are groups for children that sing and dance in musical productions that they put on during the year. Kids learn to role play, memorize lines, and sing and dance. Musical productions include some well-known stories like The Wizard of Oz and The Lion King that kids will want to participate in. Children get a chance to perform and make friends.

Join a chorus. Singing in a community group or church choir teaches pitch, tone, and how to recognize musical octaves. Kids will also learn how to harmonize within a choir depending on which part they can sing: soprano, alto, baritone, or tenor. The director or directress will lead the kids through voice exercises to get them warmed up to sing and to teach them different musical styles. By training a child’s voice to produce lovely music you give them confidence in themselves.

Attend a symphony or other musical concert. Music is not just what kids hear on the radio. There are different varieties of musical styles and children should be exposed to them all. The symphony is a wonderful example of classical music. Symphonies can play alone in a concert or as the musical accompaniment for an opera or other production. Your children may discover that they like the sound of this music and may want to play in a symphony themselves one day.

Learn to play a musical instrument. Let your child make sweet music on a piano, a flute, the drums, or the trumpet to name a few. When they are old enough around nine or ten, take them to a music store. Here, they can see all the types of instruments that they can try. Children learn to read sheet music, recognize musical notes, and play tunes from memory. Your child may be the next church musician or the next concert pianist. Even if music becomes a hobby, it will fill their lives with joy every day.

There are summer camps for kids interested in music. Children get a chance to meet other kids with the same interests and make new friends at the same time. Instructors teach them how to improve their playing and learn new musical pieces. The camp won’t be all work though. A concert may be the culmination of the summer’s efforts. Here the children will get to showcase their talents for their proud parents.

Try a little karaoke. Karaoke machines have become affordable as a source of home entertainment. Teach young children to sing and read with this sing-along tool. The whole family can get in on the act. See who can come up with the most outrageous songs to sing. The kids will enjoy the many hours of laughter that come from this music maker.

Music is soothing for the soul. It lightens the mood of the maker and the hearer. But, music is also an art form that needs to be cultivated to reach its highest potential. Teach your kids to appreciate all forms of musical expression.


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