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If you perform a simple search in any Internet search engine, or even read the classifieds in your local paper, you’ll quickly see just how many direct sales companies are looking for representatives every day. While this certainly means there’s great opportunity in direct sales, it also means that these companies are competing against each other to get you to sell their product.

As such, every direct sales company offers something different to their representatives and it’s important for you to fully research the different companies so you find the one that’s truly right for you. Here are some things to look for when trying to find the right direct sales company to meet your needs and personality.

Good Compensation Plan

This will probably be the first thing you’ll look at when trying to find the right direct sales company. The compensation plan is what will determine how much money you earn in exchange for selling the company’s products. In other words, this is your commission.

Begin your research by finding the company that will give you the most money for each product you sell. Then look at the other qualities of that company. In addition to what the company will pay you for selling their product, what they will give you for signing up new recruits? And what percentage will you earn from your team members’ sales? The best companies do offer percentages on each sale that a team member under you makes. That increases your profit considerably and is a valid reason to choose one company over another.

Quality Products

The next thing you need to look at that is just as important as the company’s compensation plan is the products they sell. Closely examine the products, use them, and get to know them. Are they quality products? Do you believe in them enough to sell them yourself? Can you see yourself telling a customer why she should use those products? These are all very important questions.

If you don’t believe that a product will work or if you don’t like the quality, you will never be able to sell it. Customers can tell whether or not you’re suggesting something that you believe in and that will really be helpful to them, or if you’re just trying to make a quick sale. And they’ll run from the latter!

Company Support

Even though you’ll be working for yourself, you’ll still need a lot of help and support from people who have been doing the exact same thing as you–for a longer time. A good direct sales company offer a lot of support, advice, and encouragement, especially in the beginning when everything is new.

Talk to representatives from the companies you’re interested in and find out what kind of support and training they offer, and how much help you can expect in the future. Also ask about the kind of support that would be expected of you in the future. If things work out, you could be the one offering support to others so it’s nice to know what may be expected of you down the road.

Online Selling

More and more customers are finding ways to shop at home for the things they need. And many won’t even consider shopping with you if you don’t offer a convenient way for them to order your product online. A good direct sales company will have an online system in place where customers can place an order, have it delivered in a timely manner, and where you will still receive commission on the sale. This is convenient for your customer, but it’s also great for you. The customer does most of the work and you still earn the same profit.

Finding the right direct sales company isn’t difficult, but it does require some time and research. It’s well worth the effort, however, when you know you’ve signed up with a company you like and can trust to help you build a profitable business working from home.


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