Frugal Decorating Ideas

Written by Nicole Dean

Cheap and Easy Ways To Give Every Room In Your Home A Mini-Makeover

You may be looking around your home thinking “Oh, I wish I had money to decorate!”

Anyone who has watched Trading Spaces knows that giving your house a quick makeover doesn’t have to break the bank!

Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Space
A gallon of paint will give any room a complete facelift! Always check out the ‘oops’ gallons at places like Home Depot. People request colors and never pick them up, or the person mixing the paint doesn’t get the shade quite right. Oftentimes these colors are just putrid, but sometimes you’ll find a gorgeous color that’s a steal! I’ve decorated plenty of rooms from other people’s leftover paints — and loved the results!

Fresh flowers in a vase make a wonderful addition to any room in your home. Pick the flowers from your own yard to save even more money.

Framed pictures of family and friends are a must. If you have them printed in black and white, they’ll never go out of style!

Add mirrors to open up a small room. Mirrors are a great way to decorate, especially in rooms with low light.

Richly scented candles make every room feel welcoming. Between the soft lighting, and the scent, you can’t go wrong with candles.

New throw rugs and runners at the entrance to your home make a great first impression.

The Bathroom

This is the least expensive room in your home to completely redecorate. A new shower curtain, a rug or two, soap dispenser, cup, some decorative hand towels – and your bathroom has a whole new look.

Try a bathroom theme! How about one of these ideas from the standard to the very original?

* Ocean or Sea theme
* Medieval Times
* The Orient
* Western theme
* Rubber Duckies
* Floral – victorian
* Floral – funky

Or work from one of your favorite paintings and take a color scheme from it. Let Dali or even Andy Warhol inspire your color palette.

Your Kitchen

If new cabinets or the island you always dreamed of are not in your budget, give your kitchen a fresh look by shopping for new decorative kitchen towels and potholders and new matching tablecloth and placemat sets. I love changing my kitchen for the seasons and holidays! A wine rack or framed placemat from a fun restaurant can be the inspiration!

Your Living/Family Room

A few new lamps, a large area rug or an art piece on a bare wall can add life to a dull and tired living room. While these items can be costly, they are certainly more affordable than an entertainment center or sofa.

How about some funky toss pillows and throws for chairs and couches? A little imagination and makes up for not having a big wallet!

The Bedroom

A new bedding set is enough to give your bedroom a major boost! Treat yourself and your spouse to a set of silk or satin sheets to match your new comforter! Search for quality, inexpensive silk sheets & save up to 80% at!

Super Savings Only From!

Budgeting for the Big Change

Treat yourself to a home decorating magazine. Dream big and set your goals high for what you want your house to eventually look like, but start on a smaller scale.

Plan! Mistakes cost money, so really plan your look thoroughly.

Start a Home Improvement Fund by saving change in a jar. When the jar is full, deposit it into a savings account specifically for redecorating your home.

Pick up things here and there slowly. Eventually, you’ll have enough to re-do a room. Buy one new item for the room you plan to spruce as you can afford to.

Don’t forget to shop in places like estate sales, charity sales, and moving sales. You’ll never know when you can find an amazing piece of furniture for a great price!

Sometimes the smallest changes equal the biggest difference in decorating. Don’t start out too big. Good things come to those who wait…and those who are bargain hunters!


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